Inverto announces receiver upgrade for HD+

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
Inverto logo

WECKER, Luxembourg, MUNICH, Germany — Inverto Digital Labs released plan for Inverto-branded products in Germany to deliver to the German consumer products and accessories designed for the new HD+ service. HD+ is a service of HD PLUS GmbH, a subsidiary of the satellite operator SES ASTRA (Paris and Luxembourg: SESG).

Inverto, a reputable set-top-box design house, controlled by FTA Communication Technologies, who is also premier provider of set-top-boxes for major brands in Germany under Original Design Manufacturer’s engagements, declared that it had entered into committed program to deliver endconsumers in Germany with HD+ compatible products. Inverto informed that it shall gear its customers with Conditional Access Scheme (CAS) embedded set-top-boxes designed to support also hybrid applications in tandem with the availability and ramp-up of services connected with HD+.

Inverto released to its customers that all its HD H.264 (or AVC for Audio Video Codec) products already deployed or are being sold this year shall support the HD+ legacy Conditional Access Module (CAM) and allow end-user the reception of HD+ services.

“With a low fee high definition services becoming available with the must-see channels in Germany, and greater value proposition made as a result to consumers, we have deemed essential that our

customers benefit from the Inverto experience with these services.” Commented Tomer Bentzion, Chief Executive Officer at FTA Communication Technologies. “We truly believe that this coupled with hybrid and add-on services marks a new era for consumers in Germany”, he added.

“We are very pleased that Inverto will support our new HD+ service by upgrading set-top-boxes that are already available on the market,” said Timo Schneckenburger, Managing Director Marketing and Sales of HD PLUS GmbH. “The technical solution ensures that TV viewers who have already invested in an HD set-top-box will be able to receive the complete HD programme offered by HD+.”