Sky Perfect subscribers down 16k in October

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
SKY Perfect logo

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Tokyo:9412) has announced the number of subscribers as of the end of October 2009. Subscribers to SKY Perfect JSAT’s broadcast services were down 15,918 in October to give a cumulative total of 3,727,352.

SKY Perfect JSAT owns and manages the “SKY PerfecTV!” multi-channel pay TV broadcast service. The “SKY PerfecTV!” multi-channel pay TV broadcast service consists of the “SKY PerfecTV!” service (124/128 degree east longitude CS digital broadcast), the “SKY PerfecTV! e2” service (CS digital broadcast via the communications satellite at the same 110 degree east longitude as broadcast satellite (BS)), the “SKY PerfecTV! HIKARI” multi-channel service delivered via fiber optic network, and content delivered via Internet Protocol or to mobile devices.

                                  Net New  Cumulative
                              Subscribers       Total
                              -----------  ----------
  SKY PerfecTV!                   -22,888   2,567,218
    SKY PerfecTV! HD                           59,303
  SKY PerfecTV! e2                  6,587   1,008,564
  SKY PerfecTV! HIKARI                407     109,768
  Other Wired Broadcasting            -24      41,802
Total                             -15,918   3,727,352

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