Ubalance partners with MatrixStream to roll out HD 1080p IPTV in South Korea

Friday, September 7th, 2007

San Mateo, California — UBalance Co. Ltd., a premier IPTV solution provider, has recently partnered with MatrixStream Technologies, Inc. to launch the first Video on Demand (VOD) and
live HD 1080p IPTV deployment over a best effort network without QoS (quality of service) in South Korea.

With the world’s highest rate of broadband penetration, South Korea is already wired and adapted for massive IPTV deployment and, moreover, well suited to take advantage of MatrixStream’s HD streaming IPTV solution. “Increasingly fast and affordable broadband that is widely available throughout South Korea, primes the market here for HD streaming video which is of course an ideal market for our XMS based Video on Demand and IPTV solution that will optimize performance efficiencies over the existing public network,” states Jack Chung, CEO of MatrixStream.

MatrixStream’s patent-pending fully integrated end-to-end turnkey HD IPTV system will allow UBalance clients to deploy quickly and readily scale up to millions of users over existing broadband IP infrastructure without major network upgrades – delivering the home theater experience over the Internet to living rooms across South Korea for both live broadcasting and Video on Demand.

Unlike previously tried bandwidth hungry streaming IPTV solutions, typically requiring between 9 Mbps – 30 Mbps to stream high definition, that for the most part do not work over a public network, MatrixStream’s HD IPTV solution not only works over a public best effort network, it does so with as little as 3.5 Mbps to stream HD 1080p encoded videos or as little as 1.5 Mbps to stream HD 720p encoded videos.

In summary, MatrixStream’s IPTV solution can deliver full HD quality videos over the Internet. In
addition to streaming HD videos, the MatrixStream IPTV platform is already designed to easily add features such as time shift DVR (digital video recorder), t-commerce, interactive gaming, VoIP, personal photo sharing, personal music library, among other applications.

According to Dr. In Sup Kwon, President of Ubalance, “MatrixStream offers UBalance a technically advance, robust system that allows us to provide our clients superior quality and a cost differential that distinctively sets us apart from the competition “¦ moreover, due to the incredible growth of the IPTV market in South Korea, we project that Ubalance can sell up to 10 million MatrixStream set top boxes within three years.”

Links: MatrixStream Technologies; UBalance