E-Vision brings High Definition and PVR services to the UAE

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
E-Vision logo

Becomes the first in the Middle East to launch a commercial HD service

ABU DHABI — E-Vision which is part of Etisalat and the leading cable TV provider in the region, announced today the commercial launch of High Definition (HD) programming for UAE viewers. With this, E-Vision has become the first Pay TV provider in the Middle East to launch a commercial HD service. For UAE TV viewers, this move represents a transformational experience as they will now be able to watch programmes in greater detail with more vibrant colour and superb quality sound to really bring their HD ready TV to life.

To start with, E-Vision’s HD service will offer content from Abu Dhabi TV HD, Luxe HD, Fashion TV HD , Showtime HD and Al Jazeera Sports HD. E-Vision customers can now enjoy an unparalleled HD experience with four times better picture quality than standard definition with increased colour vibrancy.

E-Vision’s HD service will be available to customers through the new HD set top box which also offers PVR (Personal Video Recorder) features. Customers will need to pay a monthly fee of 30 AED with the HD set top box costing AED 999 to access 3 complementary HD channels. Showtime Cable Premier customers may also upgrade to the Showtime Cable Premier + HD package for an additional AED 45 per month. The new Set top box being introduced has a built in PVR with 250 GB hard disk. E-Vision customers will now be able to pause and rewind live TV, schedule recordings of their favorite TV shows and as a matter of fact – create their own TV channel and view it at their own convenience. This PVR feature will also allow customers to watch one particular channel while recording upto two different ones at the same time.

Etisalat has always lead the way in transforming the lives of its customers with exciting new services over the years and its huge investment in a state of the art Fiber Network has made it possible for E-Vision to become the pioneers to launch HD TV services.

“The launch of E-Vision’s HD service represents a significant landmark in the UAE Pay TV market”, said Humaid Rashid Sahoo, CEO ,E-Vision,. “This milestone is a clear indication of our vision to be a pioneer in offering the most innovative services to our customers. With HD Television sales now surpassing Standard Definition TV sales according to global indicators, this move is clearly in line with what our customers are asking for with their savvy outlook and sophistication in settling for nothing but the very best in TV programming.”

Mr. Sahoo added, “The commercial launch of E-Vision’s HD service will create a compelling user experience for our valued customers and represents our unwavering commitment to respond to our customer’s increasing need for high-quality programming with the intensity and attractiveness of HD. With an already large installed base of HD ready TV sets in the UAE, the service will redefine the television experience for an increasing number of customers going forward.”

E-Vision is also in talks with various content providers to add to its HD programming package and will unveil additional channels during the year as and when they become available. In terms of being ready to offer HD programming, E-Vision had already completed the necessary overhaul of its infrastructure two and a half years ago, and now with the availability of content is ready to offer these services to its valued customers.

E-Vision is the leading regional source to offer over 280 TV channels, in 21 different languages, ranging from sports to movies, from documentaries to music and kid’s channels. E-Vision’s product line-up includes 15 premium packages from all the major TV providers like Showtime, Orbit, ART, Pehla, Firstnet, TFC, Pinoy Plus and many more, in addition to the E-Vision Basic package.