Video Revenue in Italy's Telecom Market will Triple its Share by 2014

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
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CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — In Italy’s telecom market, video revenue will triple its share of total revenue by 2014, presenting a US$4.4 billion revenue opportunity for operators, according to a new report from Pyramid Research, the telecom research arm of the Light Reading Communications Network.

Communications Markets in Italy offers an incisive profile of the country’s converged telecommunications, media, and technology sectors based on proprietary data from our research in the Italian market. This 30-page report provides detailed competitive analysis of both the fixed and mobile sectors, tracks the market shares of technologies and services, and monitors the introduction and spread of new technologies such as WiMax, IPTV, and VoIP. This executive study offers a comprehensive view of the Italian communications market by analyzing key trends, evaluating near-term opportunities and assessing upcoming risks factors.

Italy’s pay-TV market generated US$2.9 billion, with 5.6 million subscriptions at the end of 2008, notes Stela Bokun, analyst at Pyramid Research and author of the report. “There were 863,000 IPTV accounts in Italy at year-end and the number is expected to grow at a CAGR of 29 percent in the 2009 to 2014 period, translating into a cumulative US$4.4 billion revenue opportunity for operators,” Bokun says. Advanced mobile data services will also see high adoption rates. “The number of mobile TV accounts is expected to grow at a high CAGR (21 percent in 2009 to 2014); this service is likely to generate a cumulative US$3.7 billion in the same period,” she explains.

“Italy is also experiencing one of the highest 3G adoption rates in Western Europe; in fact, Italian 3G subscribers accounted for 34 percent of the country’s total mobile subscriber pool at year-end 2008,” Bokun says. “Italy will likely maintain its leadership in 3G adoption in Europe, reaching a 3G penetration of 82 percent in 2014,” she adds. Italian market presents a fertile land for new models of mobile handsets, given the high 3G penetration levels and the customers’ affinity for advanced data services witnessed in this country. Pyramid expects 4G to be introduced in the Italian market by 2011.

Communications Markets in Italy is part of Pyramid Research’s Europe Country Intelligence Report Series. Pyramid Research’s premium Country Intelligence Reports are the industry’s best available analysis on market trends, regulatory environments, and competitive dynamics for 60 countries worldwide.