CogniVue Announces CV220X Family of Image Cognition Processors

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

GATINEAU, Canada and MONTREAL, Canada — CogniVue Corporation, an innovator in programmable Image Cognition Processors (ICPs) enabling real-time embedded image and video analytics applications, and Future Electronics today announced the CV220X series of ICPs. The CV220X ICP family offers a unique combination of high-performance, low power, small footprint devices for use in a broad range of automotive vision application systems, IP video surveillance and monitoring and mobile TV applications.

Powered by massively parallel array processor technology – APEX™, CV220X key features include:

  • Multi core architecture with ARM application core and dual core APEX coprocessor – delivering unmatched performance for equivalent power and footprint alternatives
  • Intelligent image cognition analytics for automotive applications including detection, recognition, monitoring and classification of objects and people to assist drivers and improve overall safety
  • Support for DVB-H/T and ATSC-M/H mobile TV standards
  • Devices equipped with internal stacked SDRAM (CV2201) or both stacked SDRAM and NAND flash in a single package (CV2203) – minimizing application board area
  • Availability of industrial and automotive qualified devices

A CV2202 reference design kit (RDK) is available for platform development and includes comprehensive SDKs which help shorten development time and accelerate time to market.

Production volumes of the CV220X family are available now with 10K volume pricing for the CV2202 starting at $10.75 USD.

“More and more mainstream vehicles are adopting on-board visual intelligence systems such as enhanced back-up camera for parking assist, blind spot monitoring, lane detection and tracking and traffic sign detection and recognition”, said Simon Morris, Chief Executive Officer, CogniVue Corporation. “The CogniVue APEX architecture delivers unmatched, scalable performance required by these demanding applications.”

“The CV220X offers a programmable processor platform solution which reduces development cost and time to market as multiple products may be developed from a single and reusable chip platform”, said Frantz Saintellemy, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Future Electronics. “This high-value, multi-use solution translates to strategic differentiated solutions for customers.”