COMSTAR broadcasts TV to the PC screen

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

MOSCOW — COMSTAR – United TeleSystems (COMSTAR-UTS, LSE: CMST), the leading provider of integrated telecommunication solutions in Russia and the CIS, announces launch of the new service – “STREAM TV on PC”. Now STREAM IPTV subscribers have an opportunity to watch TV on screens of their personal computers.

Digital TV on a PC is a service that allows watching off-air and digital TV channels on a PC screen in standard TV resolution. Thanks to the new service, STREAM Internet users now enjoy the opportunity to create a multi-purpose information system on their personal computers that enables both broadband Internet and TV. An important advantage is that there is no need to purchase set-top boxes to watch TV. All you need to get connected is a ZTE ZXV10 W300 modem and subscription to a TV package as a part of the “STREAM TV on PC” service. Required software is installed on a user’s computer directly from the provider’s website.

User interface of the “STREAM TV on PC” service is similar to that of STREAM TV. Subscribers will get access to up to 60 popular Russian and foreign channels as well as 50 VHF and FM radio stations and interactive capabilities of IPTV, including preview of TV channels using a program guide (EPG), grouping of favorite channels, enabling reminders about programs, etc. Menu navigation and switching of channels is carried out from the keyboard, while at the next stage, all controls will be mouse-enabled.

Currently, in order to get familiarized with the service, users may subscribe to the “Promo TV” package comprising 11 channels for one month free of charge. Moreover, subscribers will get access to three paid TV packages: “Basic TV” with 48 channels and monthly subscription fee of 100 roubles, “Enhanced PC” with 59 channels at 200 roubles per month and “Enhanced PC+” with 62 channels at 300 roubles per month.

“When using any telecom service, subscribers are primarily concerned about ease of use and affordable rates, whereas the operator’s task is to provide a service that fully meets these requirements. Our new service “STREAM TV on PC” allows us to settle a number of issues at a time. Firstly, now users willing to subscribe to TV do not have to buy or lease a set-top box or even have a TV set. Secondly, users get an opportunity to test a service and, thirdly, they may combine two services at a time: they may watch TV in a background mode while surfing the Web. This service is also characterized by easy connection and user-friendliness,” Maxim Chernov, COMSTAR-UTS Marketing Director, says.

“Our research shows that this service will find its target audience and will be attractive to users who have not yet got connected to digital TV, as it is an advanced but still low-cost equivalent of conventional television. In practice, each family member will get his/her own personal television with the launch of “STREAM TV on PC”.