Intellon Releases Second-Generation HomePlug® AV Powerline Communications Chip

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Now Shipping in Production Volumes, the New INT6300 Offers Customers Enhanced Performance and Reduced Cost

Ocala, FL — Intellon Corporation, a leading provider of HomePlug-compatible integrated circuits (ICs) for home networking, networked entertainment, broadband over powerline (BPL) and smart grid applications, announced today that it has released the INT6300, the world’s first second-generation HomePlug AV powerline communications (PLC) IC. Based on the 200 Mbps-PHY-rate HomePlug AV specification, the INT6300 uses architectural and design improvements to deliver enhanced performance at a lower cost compared to first generation HomePlug AV ICs.

The new architecture and lower process geometry used in the INT6300 reduces the total bill of material cost of Intellon’s HomePlug AV solution, enabling OEMs to reach lower consumer-level price points for the retail and service provider markets. In addition to a lower cost solution, the INT6300 offers a faster processor, reconfigured internal bus structure, faster memory bus and a multi-chip module package that includes both a MAC/PHY transceiver and an analog front-end. The INT6300 also offers simple push-button security for retail product applications, so that a personal computer (PC) is not required to secure a home network. The IC has MII (Ethernet) and PCI host interfaces, and does not require external flash memory for boot-from-host applications.

“With the INT6300, consumer electronics products such as a PC, broadband modem, set-top box, personal video recorder or flat-screen display can share robust high-definition video and audio by simply plugging the product into a convenient electrical outlet,” said Rick Furtney, president of Intellon Corporation. “Intellon is proud to continue its market leadership in powerline communications by being the first company to introduce a second generation IC based on the HomePlug AV specification.”

The INT6300 PLC IC is supported with documentation, field applications engineering, a production test system, configuration software and an updated software development kit that facilitates embedding the INT6300 into residential gateways, routers, set-top boxes, flat-panel TVs, customer-premises equipment, and other consumer electronics products.

The INT6300 is shipping in production volumes now. For more information, contact or telephone (352) 237-7416.

Link: Intellon Corporation