Millinet Chooses Intellon's HomePlug® Powerline Solutions for In-Home Distribution of KT IPTV Services in South Korea

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Intellon HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo and HomePlug AV ICs in Millinet adapters enable KT MegaTV IPTV services to be distributed over phone lines in Korean homes

OCALA, FL — Intellon Corporation (Nasdaq: ITLN), a leading provider of HomePlug-compatible integrated circuits (ICs) for home networking, networked entertainment, broadband over powerline (BPL), Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) and smart grid applications, announced that Millinet has chosen Intellon’s INT5500 and INT6300 ICs to enable in-home distribution of KT Corporation (formerly Korea Telecom)’s MegaTV-branded IPTV services over phone lines in homes throughout South Korea. Intellon’s ICs are used in Millinet’s Mega Bridge MMB-100/200 adapters, supplied when customers subscribe to KT MegaTV services. These adapters supply the IPTV content over existing phone lines in the home, allowing customers to view content over TVs plugged into any convenient phone jack.

According to Millinet, homes in South Korea have a phone jack in nearly every room, making content delivery over existing phone lines especially convenient for customers. Millinet selected both the Intellon HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo (85 Mbps PHY-rate) and the Intellon HomePlug AV (200 Mbps PHY-rate) ICs for their solutions. Both solutions are easy to install, easy to use and robust. They deliver reliable, “entertainment-grade” standard and high definition television services to subscribing viewers.

“It was important to our customer KT, that this solution be very economical to install and be robust and reliable to curtail service calls to consumer homes,” said Kyongyong Park, CTO of Millinet. “Our research and field trials clearly demonstrated that Intellon’s technology met these important demands, allowing us to present a solution to KT that was approved for rollout to their customer base.”

“Intellon is proud to be working with Millinet to address KT’s need for simple, secure and reliable whole-house, high-speed connectivity over twisted pair,” said Rick Furtney, president and COO of Intellon Corporation. “This is further evidence that our No New Wires® technology in HomePlug-based ICs is built for any wired medium and can meet the technical demands of whole-house broadband service deployments and media distribution over existing power lines, coax wires, or phone lines.”