Televisa selects Synamedia edge gateway and distribution platform

Thursday, April 25th, 2024 
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Televisa transforms its broadcast ecosystem with proven technology innovations from Synamedia

ATLANTA and LONDON — Leading video software provider Synamedia today announced that Televisa, the Mexican telecommunications and broadcasting company, has chosen Synamedia as its partner of choice for a complete overhaul of its broadcast distribution. Televisa is leveraging Synamedia’s Media Edge Gateway (MEG) and PowerVu throughout its nationwide network, spanning 180 stations across the country, to increase video distribution, processing and delivery agility.

Televisa needed a technology partner that had the expertise and innovative solutions to support its operational transformation. By selecting Synamedia’s MEG, Televisa cut its hardware dependency in half, not only delivering cost benefits but also the modern technologies needed to future-proof its operations. During the evaluation phase, Televisa used dozens of MEGs as a part of its strategy to broadcast the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Synamedia played the crucial role of managing backup channels and frame rate conversion. The success of this project contributed to Televisa’s ultimate decision to select Synamedia as its new software partner.

“Not only did Synamedia build us a truly unique solution – one that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world – but it also demonstrated exactly what we desired in a partner: commitment to both innovation and our long-term success,” said William Aguirre, GM, Satellite Operations, Televisa. “Our internal team sourced our hardware provider Siselectron to provide a powerful SR1 device (2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor) and work on the customization for our specific needs. From there, we knew we wanted software and hardware partners agile enough to meet our present and future needs. Synamedia was quick to sign up and deliver, and has been an instrumental part of the team, already demonstrating positive results. We’re thrilled with our choice.”

Synamedia’s MEG is a flexible, software-defined receiver with powerful edge processing functions such as transcoding, regionalization, time delay, and blackout, across satellite, CDN and IP networks. The combination of Synamedia’s PowerVu distribution platform and MEG provides Televisa with secure content distribution, centralized control, and edge processing to tailor content handoffs to meet the needs of affiliates and MVPDs. For Televisa, MEG helps ensure content is securely distributed thanks to Synamedia’s PowerVu conditional access.

“Televisa was seeking a partner who could deliver agility and innovation, and I’m proud we rose to the occasion. Our team is built on commitment and passion to solve problems for our customers – and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Televisa and our MEG product line,” said Julien Signes, EVP, Video Network, Synamedia. “Televisa selected 400 MEG software endpoints to support the transformation of its broadcast ecosystem across a country with nearly 130 million residents. It’s a massive undertaking and we’re energized to continue our successful collaboration for years to come.”

Earlier this month, one of Televisa’s largest stations went live with Synamedia MEG and PowerVu across the city of Guadalajara. The project will continue to roll out through Summer 2024 and in stages for the next two years, to cover all stations in Mexico.

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