castLabs' DRM and Synamedia forensic watermarking for new Plex TVOD service

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 
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Plex releases new TVOD service supported by castLabs’ DRMtoday and Synamedia’s ContentArmor forensic watermarking

  • Plex has recently launched its movie rental service, enabled by the multi-DRM support of castLabs’ DRMtoday and Synamedia’s ContentArmor forensic watermarking technology, delivering premium, on-demand protected content to a larger audience.

BERLIN and LONDON — castLabs, a leading provider of video delivery technology, proudly announced that global media company Plex has opted for castLabs cloud-based DRMtoday for their newly launched transactional video on demand (TVOD) service: Plex Rentals. The collaboration also ensures that Plex’s new premium library is securely watermarked using Synamedia’s ContentArmor forensic watermarking solution, distributed by castLabs. This strategic move guarantees Plex meets the stringent requirements of content owners for on-demand and FAST content.

DRMtoday provides secure content playback for Plex users across Android, Apple, web browsers, smart TVs, and game consoles. By utilizing DRMtoday’s multi-key delivery feature, Plex adheres to the industry’s best practices for content protection, generating different keys for variable video renditions, ranging from SD up to UHD. This multi-DRM solution ensures that Plex’s offering remains accessible only to authorized users, a non-negotiable condition for content owners.

“Content rights and protection are important to us, and after extensive evaluation, castLabs and DRMToday provide the rights management that our content partners want and deserve,” said Shawn Eldridge, Vice President of Business Development and Content for Plex.

Additionally, Plex has integrated Synamedia’s ContentArmor forensic watermarking technology through castLabs, an advanced solution designed to protect content, detect content leaks, and protect copyrighted material. The implementation of A/B watermarking, embeds unique, imperceptible watermarks throughout Plex’s new movie rental catalog.

“We’re thrilled to expand our collaboration with Plex. Our dedication to content security and adherence to studio compliance empowers partners like Plex to rapidly deliver flawless streaming experiences to a wider audience. We understand the challenges associated with meeting licensing requirements, so we are committed to streamlining the process in the most efficient manner through our in-house solutions and together with partners like Synamedia.” stated Michael Stattmann, co-founder and managing director of castLabs.

“We’re delighted to partner with castLabs to provide the Plex service with the security and content protection solutions demanded by their content licensors” said Alain Durand, Head of Synamedia’s ContentArmor business, “we continue to see increased demand from studios who need assurance that their content will be delivered securely and with robust security solutions to identify any potential leaks. We’ve developed ContentArmor to meet this exact use case with robust watermarking capabilities and rapid ID extraction to ensure direct-to-consumer streaming services can quickly detect compromised accounts and take action.”

Plex Rentals has been available to users in the United States since February 7.

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