On2 Licenses Mobile Optimized Decoders to Monsoon Multimedia

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
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On2 Technologies, Inc. (Amex: ONT), a leader in video compression technologies, announced today that it has licensed its Hantro™ 4100 video decoder and 2600 Enhanced aacPlus™ audio decoder to Monsoon Multimedia, an innovative digital video solutions provider. By integrating the optimized decoders to its mobile player, Monsoon aims to bring higher performance and longer playback time to customers watching TV on their handsets using its HAVA™ place shifting solutions.

The On2® Hantro 4100 is a highly optimized MPEG-4 software video decoder designed for wireless devices; capable of CIF (352×288) resolution at 30 frames per second in only 76MHz on ARM11 processors, the high efficiency of the decoder brings improved video performance to handsets with lower powered CPUs. The Hantro 2600 aacPlus audio codec, offers near CD quality stereo sound at 32kbps and has built in error concealment for mobile applications. Monsoon HAVA solutions enable high-quality MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streaming and recording of video content from any video source, including live TV from set top boxes, DVD players and TiVo, to multiple PCs in a home or business. Users can also connect to the HAVA using an Internet-connected PC or mobile phone and begin enjoying their home TV with familiar remote control functionality from any location globally.

‘Place shifting TV to mobile handsets is a excellent example of the kind of desktop-mobile convergent video applications that our technologies make possible’ says Bill Joll, President and CEO of On2 Technologies. ‘Migrating applications from PC to mobile brings unique challenges with respect to meeting the performance needed for compelling usability. Our ready optimized technologies, designed for mobile from day one, offer the fastest and most cost effective route for companies to launch new video applications in handsets.’

“Monsoon Multimedia is dedicated to providing a high-caliber place-shifting and time-shifting experience that allows users to view and control their home TV anytime, anywhere,” said Paul Friedman, President of US operations for Monsoon Multimedia. “With the incorporation of ON2’s mobile optimized decoders we are excited to offer our customers more freedom to enjoy their HAVA experience with enhanced sound and video quality.”