Elonics Releases E4001 Dual Band Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Very Low Power/Cost Solution For STB and TV Modules

Elonics, the RF semiconductor company, has production released the E4001, a highly integrated dual-band RF tuner IC implemented in CMOS, ideal for digital TV and radio broadcast receiver solutions. Taking features from Elonics highly respected E4000 device which was launched last year, the E4001 has been specifically developed for STB and TV modules.

The digitally programmable tuner architecture covers the complete spectrum from VHF to UHF (64MHz to 858MHz). This flexibility allows the user to re-configure the RF front end for different broadcast standards.

At the heart of the E4001 is Elonics innovative DigitalTune™ architecture, which allows the designer to adjust the performance of the tuner for optimum linearity or noise figure according to the signal conditions. It enables manufacturers to significantly improve reception quality whilst supporting multiple broadcast standards including DVB-T, ISDB-T, D-TMB, and CMMB.

The E4001 tuner uses a zero IF architecture, which dramatically reduces the number of external components and allows power consumption to be minimised to as low as 100mW. It makes the E4001 a cost effective and very low power solution for the digital TV market.

“Elonics E4001 continues the development of the E4000 family using our DigitalTune™ technology to further tailor our offerings to resolve specific issues for tomorrow’s applications. The E4001 presents a compelling solution for TV applications as consumer hunger for the new digital TV services continues to develop at a rapid pace,”
said David Srodzinski, CEO Elonics.


  • Support for Multiple Standards
    • Surpasses NorDig 2.0 and D-Book
    • Fully Compatible with other Digital TV and Radio Standards
  • Scalable Power Consumption
    • 100mW Typical Operation
    • 3mW in Standby Mode
  • Variable Gain, Single Input Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
    • 3.8dB Receiver Noise Figure
    • 64MHz to 858MHz Input Frequency Range
  • Flexible IF Amplifier and Channel Filter
    • Programmable Bandwidth and Cut-Off Frequency
    • Digital Step Up/Down Gain Control
  • Flexible Clocking Modes
    • Fractional-N Synthesiser with Fully Integrated VCO and Loop Filter
    • 15 – 30 MHz Input Clock Frequency Range
    • Programmable Output Clock Frequency Range
  • I2C Control Bus
    • 3.3V Tolerant Interface
  • 1.5V Analogue and Digital Supply Operation
  • 32-Pin QFN Package
    • 5x5x0.9mm Body Size, Pb Free, RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications

  • Digital Terrestrial Set-Top Boxes
  • NIM and Half NIM Modules
  • Computer TV Cards and USB TV Dongles
  • DVD-Rs and PVRs
  • Mobile TV Enabled Cell Phones
  • MP3 and Portable Multi-Media Players
  • In-Car TV/Car Television

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