MoCA Adds Mid-RF Frequencies To MoCA 1.1 Specification For DBS Operators

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
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SAN RAMON, CA — MoCA continues to demonstrate the flexibility of its technology with an extension to its MoCA 1.1 specification for satellite operators. MoCA operating frequencies now cover 500 to 1500 MHz, from the current 850 – 1500 MHz range.

DIRECTV (NASDAQ:DTV) will be the first to deploy the MoCA mid-RF frequencies as they bring multi-room DVR capabilities to their subscribers throughout the year.

MoCA, in these expanded frequencies, continues to provide MoCA 1.1 features such as net throughputs of 175 Mpbs, parameterized QoS (PQoS) and 16-node networks.

“As we mature as an organization, and at the request of the satellite operator community, we are expanding the frequency range of the MoCA specification for a significant market segment,” said Charles Cerino, MoCA president. “This is another example of the flexibility of the technology and why we are the only home entertainment networking standard that works in all pay TV segments.”

“The mid-RF MoCA technology meets DIRECTV’s need for robust in-home signal distribution and can be supported in the same device as the hi-RF MoCA with no additional cost,” said Romulo Pontual, CTO for DIRECTV. “MoCA is at the foundation of DIRECTV’s vision for enabling connectivity between DIRECTV servers and RVU thin clients implemented in consumer electronic devices such as TVs and media players.”

Verizon has been successfully using the MoCA high-RF band for the last four years in its FiOS home network to provide, among other things, multi-room DVR services to its customers. Cox and Time Warner made announcements last year about their plans to use MoCA high-RF in their networks as well.

This version of MoCA 1.1 will feature additional MoCA channels from 500 MHz that enable simultaneous operation with DBS signals (L-band and FSK) on the same coaxial cable.