TechniSat Digital and IMAGIN in cooperation

Monday, April 26th, 2010
TechniSat logo

TechniSat Digital will supply the Digit HD4 CX CSP for the Luxembourgish IMAGIN platform which is operated by the cable networks of Eltrona Interdiffusion S.A. and Nokia Siemens Networks. Digit HD4 CX CSP has CONAX encryption system embedded and is further equipped with the Chipset Pairing function.

TechniSat Digital’s network

TechniSat Digital is a leading manufacturer of DVB products in Europe with production facilities in Germany and throughout Europe. With three in-house R&D Departments, TechniSat Digital is able to react flexible to both the needs of the market and its customers. With locations in Hungary and Poland, TechniSat Digital has highly experienced local sales departments which focus on the Eastern European market. TechniSat Digital S.A. specialized in project businesses is located in Luxembourg and has therefore been the perfect partner for IMAGIN which is operating on their home market.

TechniSat is proud of its environmental credentials and is already producing devices that comply with the regulations of the European Union with regard to ecodesign requirements for standby and off mode power consumption of Energy using Products (EuP).

IMAGIN – the most famous digital TV partnership – Eltrona Interdiffusion & Nokia Siemens Networks – in the Luxembourg area

IMAGIN, with its nearly 100,000 customers up to date, has known a healthy customer growth. IMAGIN is available in 62 communes throughout Luxembourg and offers a start package with over 80 channels. This can get extended with 7 additional different theme- or language packages – such as French language packages, a Portuguese language package, a music package, an adult package and German language packages for instance SKY from Germany which offers up to 4 different packages itself. Overall they have a selection of over 190 channels, not to forget the more than 40 digital radio stations. IMAGIN also launched its HDTV package (ARD HD, ZDF HD, ARTE HD, FRANCE 2 HD) which will expand within the next months! Next to cable television IMAGIN can also offer, thanks and through the cooperation with LOL (LUXEMBOURG ONLINE), Internet and VoIP.

Mr. Klaus Fuchs, Managing Director of TechniSat Digital S.A., which is the international headquarters of TechniSat group, welcomes the cooperation of TechniSat and IMAGIN, as the two owners of the platform – Eltrona Interdiffusion & Nokia Siemens Networks – have already an established business relationship with TechniSat Digital S.A.. Mr. Fuchs is looking forward to extend the cooperation in the future and to realize further business projects for the network operators.

IMAGIN, Eltrona Interdiffusion S.A. and Nokia Siemens Networks S.A., welcomes the successful business relationship which has been worked well over the recent years. The companies will together take further steps towards the digital future to enable the customer to receive more digital TV in better quality and higher resolution (HD).