SemiDevices unveils ST-based DVB-C set-top box design

Friday, July 23rd, 2010
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The New Ultra Low-End DVB-C STB Based on the STi5197 Chip

SemiDevices unveils the new digital set-top box design. This technical solution helps create a device for receiving and decoding cable television broadcasts (DVB-C and SD signals).

The STB is based on the STi5197 chip from STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM). It includes a QAM demodulator, audio and video decoders, an infrared port and USB 2.0, and it also supports such formats as MPEG2 and Dolby Digital. The design of the new device can be supplied together with the software development kit (SDK) as well as with ready-made upper-layer software. At the customer’s request, an Ethernet port can be added to the number of interfaces to enable interactive services. Moreover, a card-based or cardless conditional access system (CAS) can be installed to connect pay TV services.

The new STB design can be used for creation a low-end functional product with basic functionality and helps develop a controlled solution with a very low BOM cost in the shortest possible time.