Turkey - IP TV and Web TV-Testing Started

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
Türk Telekom logo

Infrastructure for a brand-new technology which could change TV habits is being prepared

IPTV could completely change TV watching habits. It combines TV, computer, DVD/VOD and telephone in a single platform, and will reach the Turkish consumer via Türk Telekom. The business partnership with the leadership of the American SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) has won the tender of the project, which had been initiated by Türk Telekom for the infrastructure of IPTV.

The IPTV structure to be established will be formed in such a way as to provide internet services, interactive services such as games, chat, instant messaging, SMS, e-mail, online voting, video-communication (Video Conference, Video Phone), content hosting, advertisement adding, personalized ads and parent control, besides the services of TV Broadcasting, video on demand (VoD, MoD), personal video recorder (nPVR), stopping live broadcasting (PLTV), catch-up TV (TSTV, Catch-up TV, TVoD), and pay and watch (PPV).

The infrastructure is finalised and testing has started. This will create great platform for companies who can provide their expertise in applications.

Türk Telekom, has selected Envivio video encoders to enable its launch of a new Web TV service.

The new service enables TTNet to offer live TV channels and on-demand services to its broadband subscribers for viewing on their computers and WiFi-enabled devices. Envivio has clarified to IPTV News that the new service is not a managed-network IPTV service, as TTNet is specifically delivering the service in places where Türk Telekom cannot deliver its standard IPTV services.

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