Inview Technology's Collaboration with Trident Microsystems brings innovative New Digital TV Platform

Thursday, December 16th, 2010
Trident Micro logo

LONDON — Inview Technology is working with Trident Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRID) to facilitate the launch of a fully IP-connected platform, Neelix, across millions of TV’s and set-top boxes globally.

Trident, a leading force in the digital home entertainment market, is a market leader in innovative semiconductor solutions for digital televisions and set top boxes. A pioneer in the consumer electronics marketplace for the past 20 years, Trident understands the rapidly evolving consumer marketplace and the value of being first to market with exciting solutions.

Neelix incorporates a fully integrated EPG, media browser and personal schedule tool. A recommendation engine searches out broadcast and internet content that is relevant to individual user viewing profiles. It also boasts a range of TV applications that provide easy access to internet content including video streaming, instant messaging, news and weather reports and online radio without having to use a browser or search engines — all with no added cost at the point of manufacture.

Jackson Huang , Senior Director, TV Marketing for Trident said, “Trident is focused on collaborating with key middleware and applications providers to deliver a robust Connected TV experience to our TV OEM customers and the end consumer. Because the Inview platform constantly expands and adapts to the needs of users and OEMs, one of our leading TV ODM customers has already selected Inview to be the backbone of their core connected TV strategy.”

Keith Wiggins of Inview Technology said, “Inview is delighted to be working with Trident to bring to the market a truly innovative and free IP solution. We believe that our platform will revolutionise the consumer electronics marketplace over the coming months and significantly raise customer expectations as to what they can receive on their TVs.”