NDS Enables Unified Next Generation Services at Sichuan Cable

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
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  • NDS provides advanced technology solutions for entire consolidated cable network in Sichuan province, the largest in China
  • NDS MediaHighway set-top box software lays the foundations for next generation services to 13 million subscribers
  • NDS EPG Framework deployed at Sichuan Cable to enable dynamic, addressable adaptations to the user experience that can be made on a geographical, subscriber or content related level

BEIJING, China — NDS Group, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, today announced that they are providing the underpinning technologies for China’s largest consolidated local cable network, Sichuan Cable Network.

Following the consolidation of all cable networks at the provincial, city and county level, in January 2011 Sichuan Cable Network (SCTV) became the largest cable network in China with approximately 13 million subscribers. The unique three-tier architecture in China allows SCTV to use NDS’ comprehensive set of technologies to provide the same unified experience to all subscribers, with complete control and the flexibility to deploy services and interactive applications across the whole province. NDS MediaHighway® set-top box software (STB), currently deployed on over 171 million devices worldwide, provides the foundation for features across the platform.

As a fully featured, scalable set-top box software solution that supports a full range of STBs, MediaHighway is a real-time operating system designed to offer standards based solutions for enhanced TV services. The powerful authoring tools and development kit made available to SCTV enable the deployment of one or two-way interactive applications quickly and cost effectively using languages such as HTML, Java and Javascript.

“Sichuan Cable Network are in a unique position in which they are able to provide a unified, best in class television experience to the largest subscriber base in China.” Commented Sue Taylor, Chairman NDS China, Senior Vice President and General Manager NDS Asia Pacific “We admire the scale on which Sichuan Cable are working whilst maintaining a localised feel with local programming and informational services. We are proud to be the technology provider for China’s largest cable network.”

The consolidation of cable networks in Sichuan province enables immediate operational efficiency for SCTV, through systems integration and consultancy during various stages of the process, NDS have supported the introduction of a unified infrastructure for SCTV – through which they are now able to flexibly deploy interactive services, content and features at a province, county or city level whilst ensuring a consistent experience.

To provide a unified look and feel across the platform, NDS EPG Framework™ enables SCTV to make dynamic adjustments to their EPG without the need to download additional software to subscriber STBs. The EPG framework also provides the operator with the ability to make promotional or seasonal adjustments to the UI, including geographically targeted messages, birthday greetings for subscribers or promotional content linked directly to a particular programme.

In addition, through an existing agreement NDS XTV™ DVR technology will provide Sichuan Cable subscribers with the ability to watch one channel and record another or pause live TV and playback, rewind and fast-forward recorded programming to view when they choose — complimented by the DOXTV Push VOD service which provides 1,500 hours of HD content from major international studios, exclusive to DOXTV in China.