SeaChange Announces Next-Generation Remote Storage DVR

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
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Network-Based RS-DVR Solution Reduces Capex and Simplifies Multi-Room DVR

ACTON, Mass. — NCTA The Cable Show 2011: Booth 1753 — SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC), a leading global multi-screen video software provider, today announced its comprehensive next generation Remote Storage DVR (RS-DVR) network solution that reduces video operators’ capex and simplifies multi-room DVR. The solution can supplant set-top box DVR services at roughly 20 percent of the typical cost incurred by operators to equip and maintain a DVR subscriber.

The SeaChange RS-DVR solution is available today for existing SeaChange Axiom video-on-demand back office installations with deployed set-top box technologies, including SeaChange VODlink, which is currently deployed in millions of homes, and for the Adrenalin multi-screen back office with current and next-generation clients, including the new multi-screen client SeaChange Nitro. With Adrenalin and Nitro, SeaChange supplies a new level of integrated, personalized entertainment experience that extends beyond set-top boxes to devices including smart phones, tablets, and PCs.

“It’s a world of increasingly sophisticated on-demand viewing and the video industry invests heavily in DVR rollouts to meet a growing subscriber desire for on-demand content,” said Anthony Landamia, Executive Director at SeaChange. “SeaChange’s RS-DVR solution can reduce an operator’s DVR capex spending to a fraction while expanding their revenue potential with an RS-DVR solution that accounts for all the costs from content ingest through to the subscriber experience.”

“Our RS-DVR solution is a way for operators to immediately add incremental revenues by allowing the subscriber to store recorded content in the cloud regardless of what kind of set-top box they have,” Landamia added.

SeaChange’s back office allows operators to offer configurable levels of RS-DVR storage in order to provide tiered offerings at a variety of price points. The back office integrates the management of subscribers’ recorded content with an operator’s VOD content, which eases the handling of multiple content types and allows for a unified presentation to the subscriber. Access control to recording and recorded content is also provided by the back office via its existing integration with an operator’s business systems. SeaChange’s RS-DVR solution will also support third-party software solutions.