GTA TeleGuam: More Guam TV Homes Switching to Digital Television

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

GUdTV growth due to superior broadcast quality, programming, viewing experience

TAMUNING, Guam — GTA TeleGuam has attracted more than 7,000 home and business customers to its advanced digital television service in less than three years since launching GUdTV, short for Guam Digital Television. This number represents more than 20 percent of the 32,000 households with televisions in Guam.

“GTA TeleGuam grew from zero to more than 7,000 GUdTV customers in Guam because advanced 100 percent digital television offers superior broadcast quality, more programming and a viewing experience that is not available on traditional cable television service,” said Andrew Gayle, executive vice president of product development and management for GTA TeleGuam.

“Clearly, consumers have wanted a competitive choice for pay television for years, just as there has been competition for long-distance and wireless phones,” Gayle said. “At privatization, GTA TeleGuam promised a competitive TV offering for Guam.

“We have now hit a tipping point on GUdTV sales growth. Word on the street is good. Newcomers to Guam are used to IPTV and want it. GTA TeleGuam is continually adding new channels and value to its Essential and Choice Digital packages at no additional monthly cost,” Gayle added.

Recently, GTA TeleGuam added five new channels to its 100 percent digital GUdTV program lineup, which now includes 275 video and music channels. The newest channel additions include Women’s Entertainment (WE), American Movie Classics (AMC), G4, GEM TV and Net 25.

Earlier this year, GTA TeleGuam was first to introduce premium subscription video on demand television in Guam. SVOD allows GUdTV customers to choose from hundreds of titles, series, or movies from HBO, Showtime, Disney and others; start their selections at any time convenient to them, and; pause, rewind or fast forward with just a remote control and set-top box.

GUdTV also features the most premium, high definition and international channels, pay-for-view events, and a large video-on-demand library accessible at the push of a button on the remote controller. TV programs are grouped by genre to make channel surfing quick and easy.

“The key for GUdTV’s continued growth and success is compelling content, excellent service and continual new offerings that add value to the customer experience,” said Gayle, noting GTA TeleGuam plans to expand it GUdTV reach into several new neighborhoods this year.

“We have some great new things in store for GUdTV customers over the next year,” Gayle said. “100 percent digital makes exciting things possible for our customers.”

Basic GUdTV packages start at $29.95 a month. Customers can bundle GUdTV service with other GTA TeleGuam communications offerings such as high speed Internet access, wireless and landline services to maximize monthly savings and convenience.

GTA TeleGuam delivers 100 percent digital television service through its typhoon-ready communications network using Internet Protocol, or IP, digital technology for improved video and voice quality. Traditional cable television uses analog technology and primarily aerial infrastructure that is vulnerable to outages during severe storms.