Montenegro - T-Com launches Extra TV

Friday, November 30th, 2007
T-Com Montenegro logo

Extra TV is from today available to T-Com customers all over Montenegro. Extra TV is a service that enables the usage of 60 domestic and international channels, hundreds of movies, as well as the possibility of numerous interactive options, along with the high visual and audio quality. Thanks to this service, T-Com customers in Montenegro are joining the family of 4.5 millions of IPTV users in Europe.

In terms of technology, this service implies the state-of-the-art system for distribution of digital video and multimedia content, which represents the latest generation based on IP (Internet Protocol) technology. The platform is based on the latest version of Microsoft Media Room, software that enables simple and most personalized TV watching experience, along with a wide range of multimedia options.

Extra TV users have 60 domestic and foreign TV channels at their disposal, among them Discovery, Eurosport, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, MTV, RAI, Jetix, HBO, Fashion TV, Animal Planet “¦Most of the foreign channels have Montenegrin subtitles, and the offer as well includes programmes of the most important TV stations from neighboring countries (Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia).

Extra TV users have the access to the virtual video store (Video on Demand), which contains movies from different genres, from both domestic and foreign production. At the moment, the video store includes over 100 different movies, but the VoD offer will be constantly updated with new titles.

Extra TV users can choose the programs they wish to watch through the electronic program guide, can browse the information about TV shows, search programs based on various categories, schedule automatic recordings of a show or have parental controls to protect children from inappropriate content.

With Extra TV, customers can also pause live programming, rewind and record without additional DVR equipment.

Also, customers can monitor live stock-exchange reports, while additional interactive services, such as a phonebook, weather forecasts and betting will be offered in the very near future.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Daniel Szasz emphasized that the Extra TV service represent another proof that Crnogorski Telekom follows the latest development concepts and high standards, which are a trademark of the Deutsche Telekom group.

“With Extra TV, the latest technology which meets the needs of the Deutsche Telekom customers throughout the world is available to the Montenegrin citizens as well. Montenegro and customers of Crnogorski Telekom deserve the most advanced services. We are proud that, only a year after Deutsche Telekom and Magyar Telekom, our company is able to offer such an advanced service to our customers in Montenegro as well” – said Szasz.

CEO of T-Com, Slavoljub Popadić, said that the implementation and development of Extra TV is an excellent example of usage of local and international knowledge and experience and the advantages of being a part of the Deutsche Telekom group.

“With Extra TV, the internet has once again proved itself as the most powerful medium of the present, a medium which has influenced television, as well. Introduction of Extra TV will result with the increased speed of development of services based on internet protocols, meaning that new services are yet to come” – said Popadić, naming Extra TV “a service with great expectations and a multitude of new opportunities! It is only a question of a day when we will be able to read our e-mails, chat and access to multimedia content on the PC, from the TV device in the living room of our home.”

Extra TV offer

Extra TV offer includes one basic and two additional packages. All users subscribe to the Start package, and they can additionally choose Plus package and HBO package as well.

– Start package contains 51 channels (local, regional, international – music, sports, film, documentary, news channels etc.), at 8.90 EUR a month (incl. VAT)
– HBO package (HBO and HBO Comedy), at 4.90 EUR a month (incl. VAT). HBO package includes a free of charge HBO Digital service, a video store of 20 movies and series from HBO production (20 episodes) that users can watch on demand whenever they wish during one month
– Plus package (4 adult channels, 2 sports and 1 documentary channel), at 4.90 EUR a month (incl. VAT).

Extra TV video store (Video on Demand)

Extra TV video store gives customers a possibility of renting movies from the comfort of their homes, with payment through the T-Com monthly phone bill. Customers can watch the rented movie as many times as they wish during 24 hours. Movie rental price is between 0.9 – 1.23€ (Ex-Yu movies 90 cents, international movies 99 cents, adult films 1.23€)

The initial fee customers pay for Extra TV includes:
– Installation tax – 12.50 EUR (incl.VAT)
– Equipment rental expenses – 87.50 EUR (incl.VAT). The sum can be paid at once (through the first telephone bill), or through 10 equal monthly installments.