Montenegro's Crnogorski Telekom to introduce IPTV by the end of November

Thursday, September 20th, 2007
Crnogorski Telekom logo

Working breakfast: Daniel Szasz and journalists

  • T-Com introduces Extra TV by the end of November
  • New ADSL offer with significantly lower prices
  • Payment of dividends starts on 24th of September

T-Com IPTV service will be launched by the end of November under the name »Extra TV« , said Mr. Daniel Szasz, Chairman of BoD of Crnogorski Telekom on today’s meeting with journalists. He explained that Extra TV is the new generation of television based on broadband technology, which beside the high visual and audio quality, enables the usage of over 60 channels, hundreds of movies, as well as the possibility of numerous interactive options.

“I believe that Extra TV will soon become a synonymous for high-quality entertainment, interactivity and wide range of multimedia options that will give a whole new meaning to the TV watching experience.

Our initial investments in equipment and software needed for operating of Extra TV service are over 4 million Euro. This amount of investments additionally confirms our Company’s devotion to bring the telecommunication services dedicated to Montenegrin customers to the highest level.” – said Szasz.

All customers interested in Extra TV can apply for the service by calling a toll free number 0 800 80 200 or by filling out an online application on and ensure privileges in installation.

Beside the most popular local and regional channels, Extra TV will offer HBO, National Geographic channels, Discovery channels, Eurosport channels, MTV package, VH1, Cartoon Network, Jetix, Boomerang, Fashion TV, Hallmark, BBC, CNN and many other, world known programmes.

Along with quality TV channels and multimedia content, Extra TV users will, through Video on Demand option, have the possibility to rent the movies from their homes, with payment through T-Com monthly phone bill. Through the virtual video store, users will have the opportunity to choose among hundreds of movies to watch whenever they prefer, which is another advantage of Extra TV compared to cable and satellite TV.

As one of the innovations in the current T-Com offer, Szasz mentioned new ADSL packages that will enable customers to surf at higher speed, with significantly lower prices, as well as the introduction of flat package. The new ADSL offer will be launched this week, and in order to further popularize this service T-Com will enable users to use it free of charge for certain period of time.

Szasz also announced that the payment of dividends to Crnogorski Telekom shareholders will start on 24th of September. Shareholders will get their dividends either on their bank accounts or they will be able to collect it from any affiliates of Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka. The net profit of Crnogorski Telekom in 2006. was EUR 12,8 million out of which 8,3 millions are to be paid to shareholders through dividends.