Widevine Technologies Announces New, Enhanced CableCard

Thursday, September 20th, 2007
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Downloadable, two-way solution supports QAM and IP-based networks and devices

SEATTLE, WA — Widevine® Technologies, the leading provider of downloadable conditional access (DCAS), digital rights management and digital copy protection for over 125 video operators worldwide today announced the immediate availability of the Widevine CableCard. This QAM and IP-based hardware solution enables multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to provide two-way downloadable conditional access solution for protecting premium content delivery to any device with a CableCard slot.

Designed to meet the needs of MVPDs who need a separable security solution today, but who want to eventually migrate to a true downloadable architecture, the Widevine CableCard supports content delivered across multiple networks and multiple streams to televisions, set top boxes, PCs and portable media players. Building upon the innovations Widevine has previously pioneered, such as the downloadable security client Cypher Virtual SmartCard™, MVPDs now have an affordable hardware-based method to implement a two-way conditional access and digital rights management solution across cable, telco or satellite networks.

According to Matt Cannard, Widevine’s Vice President of Marketing, “While Widevine believes a downloadable approach that integrates into a wide range of off-the-shelf consumer devices is the best overall solution for consumers, device manufacturers and video operators, our customers have asked us to extend our unique capabilities in a CableCard form factor. This approach enables them to quickly deploy an FCC-compliant, Hollywood approved separable security solution on an existing network, yet allows the flexibility to deploy a truly downloadable solution using the same Widevine components in the head-end when the time is right.”

The Widevine CableCard includes session-based forensic watermarking code that can be activated through a download from Widevine Mensor™ to the Widevine CableCard, should an operator require it. This emerging requirement enables operators to track and identify pirates on their networks, potentially yielding earlier release windows for premium content delivered to Widevine CableCard enabled devices.

“Widevine’s content protection and forensic watermarking solutions have been developed using standards and open interfaces. We believe the Widevine CableCard is one more way we can bridge the gap between true common reliance and a widely deployable interim solution today,” said Jim Veres, Widevine’s Vice President of Advanced Engineering. “The coordinated efforts of the CEA, ATIS and the cable industry in the area of common reliance for separable security are sure to benefit MVPDs, consumers and device manufacturers.”