WISI integrates ABR Receiver with TiVo Managed IPTV Service

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 
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WISI Launches ABR Receiver Solution for TiVo Managed IPTV Service, Modernizing Pay-TV Delivery to Hospitality and Edge Networks

VANCOUVER, Canada — WISI, a global leader in carrier-grade video technologies, is excited to unveil a groundbreaking feature for TiVo Managed IPTV Service users. The newly launched capability integrates WISI’s ABR (adaptive bitrate) Receiver easily with TiVo, transforming premium video delivery for operators that serve hospitality and edge sites. This enhancement is designed to streamline operations, reduce headend equipment, and ensure a seamless entertainment experience for business accounts.

WISI’s ABR Receiver empowers TiVo Managed IPTV Service users to bulk decrypt Widevine from ABR video streams and then convert video content to IP Transport Stream for delivery to edge sites.

“We are thrilled to announce the integration of our ABR Receiver with TiVo Managed IPTV Service, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions for video operators,” said Sharen Sandhu, VP of Product at WISI America. “This application not only simplifies video networks and reduces the amount of video processing equipment required, but it also provides a unified solution for residential and hospitality accounts.”

The ABR Receiver, a new solution within the Inca IP Video Platform, bridges the gap between existing and emerging video technologies, replacing racks of headend equipment with a single, modular platform. Inca offers the flexibility of video and audio transcode, supporting MPEG-2 compatible set-top boxes. The platform features VidiOS™, a user-friendly, web-based interface facilitating streamlined management and monitoring of every stream for efficient troubleshooting and analysis. Key features include inbound and outbound video thumbnails, stream capture and download, extensive statistical analysis, and rapid stream configuration.

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