DiiVA Consortium Announces Samsung Smart TVs Ready with Integrated DiiVA Interface

Thursday, June 30th, 2011
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Samsung UAXXD5500 Series Televisions Pass DiiVA Compliance Testing

GUANGZHOU, China — The Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio™ (DiiVA™) Consortium announced that Samsung Electronics (KRX: 005930, 005935; LSE: SMSN, SMSD) TV Models UA32D5500, UA37D5500, UA40D5500, and UA46D5500 have passed the full DiiVA Compliance Test at the DiiVA Authorized Test Center (ATC) in Guangzhou, China.

“As the first non-Chinese TV manufacturer to join DiiVA as a promoter, Samsung is committed to playing an integral role in the new era for Smart TVs and will continue to raise the bar for interactive TV experiences,” said Hong SungPyo, vice president of Samsung Electronics, Tianjin R&D Center. “With its ability to simultaneously carry uncompressed HD streams, USB, Ethernet and power, DiiVA is integral to Samsung’s effort to lead the industry in establishing the next-generation home multimedia network standard.”

With DiiVA, users can interact with their content quickly and intuitively by clicking an icon on their TV screen or smartphone and immediately view the content they desire–without having to remember the source or device on which the content originates. The combination of unsurpassed raw video bandwidth, data transport capacity, middleware and application network awareness provides consumers with an experience and features on the TV that mirrors the apps-driven experience they have come to expect from their smartphones and other digital devices.

“DiiVA is a standard way to solve some of the industry’s most difficult interoperability problems so users can enjoy the power of having a network of consumer electronics devices without having complicated setup and navigation sequences,” said Steve Yum, president of DiiVA Licensing, LLC. “Samsung’s endorsement and product leadership within DiiVA is a giant step towards propelling the standard forward and to achieving an industry-wide solution to make CE devices work better together.”

In order to ensure interoperability across various manufacturers, all DiiVA products must pass certification at an authorized ATC and may then carry the DiiVA logo. The DiiVA Guangzhou ATC is the first test facility developed to help manufacturers deliver compliant and interoperable DiiVA products.