LG Electronics TV Model 42LW6600 First to Pass DiiVA Compliance Testing

Monday, June 20th, 2011
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DiiVA Compliance Test Ecosystem Ready for Manufacturers

GUANGZHOU, China — The Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio™ (DiiVA™) Consortium, dedicated to the advancement of the next-generation home entertainment networking standard, announced that LG Electronics TV Model 42LW6600 has passed the full DiiVA Compliance Test at the DiiVA Authorized Test Center (ATC) in Guangzhou, China.

The DiiVA Guangzhou ATC is a state-of-the-art test facility developed to help manufacturers deliver compliant and interoperable DiiVA products. DiiVA Adopters are encouraged to visit the ATC site to learn more about DiiVA testing processes and procedures.

The DiiVA Compliance Test Specification (CTS) 1.0 details the tests, procedures and equipment specifications established by the DiiVA Promoters to assist Adopters in verifying DiiVA product compliance. Mandated by the DiiVA Adopter’s Agreement, compliance testing ensures interoperability among DiiVA devices and is required for products to bear the DiiVA™ logo. Since the announcement of the DiiVA specification in 2009, the DiiVA Consortium has experienced growth and momentum including the addition of LG Electronics as a new Promoter.

“This growth and momentum is expected to accelerate with today’s announcement that a global manufacturer of LG’s stature has committed to incorporating DiiVA as a key ingredient for Smart TVs,” said Steve Yum, president of DiiVA Licensing, LLC. “LG’s product readiness is an important milestone that demonstrates to the consumer electronics industry that the ecosystem for DiiVA is ready for mass manufacturing.”

The DiiVA compliance program requires that manufacturers submit their first product in each product category to a DiiVA ATC. There are several product categories that include HDTVs, source devices, switches, adapters and cables/connectors. Subsequent derivative products, such as a manufacturer’s second TV or DVD player based on the certified model, must also be tested by self-test or at the ATC. All products submitted to an ATC shall be tested against the specification’s requirements, after which the ATC sends a test report to both the manufacturer and the DiiVA Licensing, LLC. Upon confirmation that a manufacturer’s product has been qualified as compliant, the manufacturer will receive confirmation that they may use the DiiVA logo on that product.

Based on completion of both the DiiVA 1.1 specification as well as the DiiVA CTS 1.0 specification, and the commencement of compliance testing of products, the DiiVA Consortium looks forward to seeing the first DiiVA logo-bearing products in 2011.