NovelSat showcases 3rd Generation NS3 Technology for Satellite Transmission at Satellite 2011

Monday, March 14th, 2011
NovelSat logo

WASHINGTON, DC — Satellite 2011 — NovelSat today announced that the company will be showcasing its groundbreaking NS3™ to a select audience — a 3rd generation satellite transmission technology designed to improve the state-of-the-art DVB-S2. By increasing satellite bandwidth capacity by 20% to 55% over current DVB-S2 and DVB-S standards, respectively, NS3™ is the breakthrough technology that the satellite communications industry has looked for since the launch of DVB-S2 in 2005.

NovelSat will host private demonstrations of NS3™ at Satellite 2011 and at NAB 2011.

“More than ever before, CTOs, network VPs, engineers, and procurement managers are trying to protect the value of their planned equipment purchases, especially while preparing for the global events unfolding in 2012,” said NovelSat CEO Itzik Wulkan. “The London Olympics, Euro Cup, and the US Presidential elections are just a few of the major activities to be transmitted worldwide in Hi-Def and 3/D — thus demanding the most bandwidth capacity in history. Before the industry invests in new equipment, they need to be aware of the major satellite transmission enhancements offered by NS3™.”

With DVB-S2 so close to the physical limit, described by Shannon’s Law, which defines the theoretical maximum data rate at which trafficcan be transmitted over a given bandwidth, many industry experts have maintained that the remaining room for improvement is too limited to justify the R&D effort. NovelSat has defied skeptics, and focused its efforts on complex spectral efficiency improvements. The result, NovelSat’s patented NS3™ technology, successfully utilized every drop of the remaining room between DVB-S2 and the limit of Shannon’s Law to form a full generation improvement over the state-of-the-art DVB-S2.

NS3™ is based on a combination of cutting edge signal processing techniques. It applies a unique mix of algorithms that normally tend to cancel each other out. Advanced FPGAs/ASICs provide the algorithms with virtually unlimited computational power.

“In our effort to improve the well designed DVB-S2, NovelSat top-notch team engineers have worked beneath the radar since 2007,” Mr. Wulkan noted. “NS3™ arrives just in time for news gathering and content distribution operations. It also supports the same reception level with a 25% smaller and lighter weight, antenna.”

The spectrally efficient NS3™ technology also serves the fast-expanding satellite communication demands of government and military applications, as well as growing data transmission needs. With the fastest data rate in the industry, NS3™ helps high throughput Ka Satellite (HTS) customers to maximize the efficiency of their bandwidth.

Including a Modulator, Demodulator, Modem and ASIC, NovelSat’s NS3™ family of product lines delivers the following benefits:

  • Transmission of more HDTV, SDTV and 3DTV channels, and data communication.
  • Same reception quality under lower SNR, which results in a smaller, and lighter antenna applicable for the DSNG, Airborne and Maritime/Navy, UAV, DoD and Government markets.
  • 35% faster download from LEO/Earth Observation Satellites.
  • 20% improvement in satellite data communication services for cellular backhaul, gas & oil, internet and telephony trunking.
  • More cost effective services such as: distance learning, digital cinema and digital signage.
  • Government, military and commercial enhanced services like: airborne and maritime communication and Communication-On-The-Move (COTM).
  • By enabling more channels per transponder, NS3™ Improves statistical multiplexing bandwidth saving, by an additional up to 10% (on 72 MHz and wider transponders)
  • 600Mbps – the industry’s highest data rate to support broadband satellites (HTS/BBS).