Telkom Kenya to offer triple play in the near future

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Data giant revamps fixed line service, targets broadband internet to homes

NAIROBI — Leading integrated telecommunications services provider Orange today moved to give a new lease of life to its fixed line service, integrating it with the fibre network to deliver a true broadband Internet access to residential homes.

The milestone development is a core part of the firm’s drive to take up the pole position in the data segment in line with its corporate ambition.

For the first time in the history of Kenya’s telecommunications industry, customers will now be able to access true broadband direct from their landline handsets in addition to voice calling.

He said, “By integrating our copper and fibre infrastructure, our new bouquet of Orange Double Play offers that we are unveiling today, are undoubtedly set to exceed the voice and data communication expectations of our customers.”

Telkom Kenya CEO Mickael Ghossein explained that the novel Orange Double Play service had come close in the heels of the highly successful Internet Everywhere 3G+ internet service which already registers rave reviews in the market.

He said, “With speeds of upto 8Mb per second, we now have a network easily scalable to transmit video signals, just like it happens in developed countries. We are already in talks with partners will see Orange introduce Triple play services in the near future.”

“Today, we are launching Orange Double Play to serve residents and businesses in Muthaiga and its environs; however we will soon roll this out further afield into other areas. With our defined last mile solution redundant loop we have now achieved our dream of delivering true broadband to Kenyan homes,” he added.

The clients will access Orange Double Play through fibre optic cable, with the last mile to their homes and offices offered through copper.

The Orange Double Play offering will be offered in four packages:

a) Fixed Broadband (Fixed broadband including 2,000 free minutes on your landline) for as low as Kshs 2,999
b) Fixed and Mobile Broadband (Fixed broadband, mobile broadband and 2,000 free minutes on your landline)for as low as Kshs 3,800
c) Fixed broadband and Orange Mobile (Fixed broadband, 3,500 free minutes on Orange Mobile and 2,000 free minutes on your landline) for as low as Kshs 4,990
d) Fixed Broadband, Mobile broadband and Orange Mobile (Fixed broadband, mobile broadband, 3,500 free minutes on Orange Mobile and 2,000 free minutes on your landline )for as low as Kshs 6,500

Ghossein has assured customers of good quality services and round the clock support from a highly qualified team of Orange staff.