NovelSat 3G-Sat NS3™ Modulation Solution Technology Increases Bandwidth Capacity By Up to 78%

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
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NS3™ exceeds DVB-S2 broadband efficiency capabilities while being fully backwards compatible

LONDON — NovelSat, the satellite bandwidth optimisation company, today announced that its groundbreaking NS3™ satellite transmission modulation technology is now available worldwide. NS3™ increases satellite bandwidth by 20% to 55% over current DVB-S2 and DVB-S standards respectively for 36 MHz transponders, and up to 78% for 72Mhz transponders with the highest data rate of up to 358Mbps.

Finally, the choice of upgrade is no longer limited to DVB-S2 or nothing. NovelSat brings to the table a brand new set of upgrade options that vastly exceeds DVB-S2’s broadband efficiency capabilities, while being fully backwards compatible with the earlier generations of DVB-S and DVB-S2, allowing for a seamless transition.

NS3™ is based on cutting edge signal processing techniques. It applies a unique and powerful mix of algorithms that normally tend to cancel each other out. The industry’s most sophisticated FPGAs/ASICs provide the algorithms with virtually unlimited computational power. NovelSat has demonstrated that NS3™ enhances spectral efficiency, through the physical testing of the technology with leading global customers, and over six satellites.

Itzik Wulkan, CEO at NovelSat commented, “More than ever before, CTOs, network VPs, engineers, and procurement managers are trying to protect the value of their planned equipment purchases, especially while preparing for the global events unfolding in 2012. The London Olympics, Euro Cup, and the upcoming US Presidential elections are just a few of the major activities to be transmitted worldwide in HDTV and 3DTV — thus demanding the most bandwidth capacity in history. As the industry invests in new equipment, they need to buy future proof equipment that is not only DVB-S2 but also NS3™ enabled. They need to be aware of the major satellite transmission enhancements offered by NS3™ to avoid buying new equipment which is already obsolete.”