Monsoon Announces Solution for MSOs to Manage TV and DVR Viewing Rights

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Monsoon’s New Policy Management Technology Lets MSOs and Content Owners Control What Content Is Streamed to Mobile Phones and Tablets Inside or Outside the Home

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Monsoon Multimedia, a leading provider of video convergence products, announced today the Monsoon Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution (MPMS), which enables Multi System Operators (MSOs), such as Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner and many others worldwide, to manage viewing rights for content. The Monsoon solution can be licensed separately or bundled with its award-winning Vulkano devices.

The new MPMS addresses licensing issues around whether consumers can stream or record specific channels or shows on tablets and mobile phones. Monsoon’s Vulkano line of companion devices, when connected to any set-top box, can be programmed to control the streaming, recording or transfer of content by a MSO. Monsoon’s solution also allows MSO’s to decide whether to stream in home or out of home viewing and recordings.

The Monsoon solution allows MSOs to roll out TV Everywhere services immediately, without any new infrastructure. Current content rights can be enforced now, while new ones can be negotiated and rolled out as MSOs and content owners decide how to react to consumer demand.

“We created an elegant solution to address one of the most vexing MSO issues – the ability to control what content can be watched on which device at what time,” said Paul Friedman, Executive Vice President at Monsoon. “Content owners demand viewing rights be honored and our Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution delivers.”

The MPMS keeps a table of each show and channel – series, movies, sports events, news, documentaries, etc. – and the rights that are to be offered to the subscriber. When a subscriber makes a request to view or record a channel, Monsoon’s MPMS checks to see if the viewing or recording is authorized. If it is, the request is honored. If the Policy Management does not allow it, the request is disallowed and the subscriber is told that the feature is not supported for that channel.

Monsoon can enable or disable each of the following features on a show-by-show or channel-by-channel basis: Live TV, Recording, Local Placeshifting, Remote Placeshifting, Local Sideloading and Remote Sideloading. The rights are downloaded to the Vulkano unit much like Electronic Program Guide information is downloaded. As new rights are negotiated, they can be rolled out to the field allowing consumers to enjoy the TV access they expect and demand. For example, a widely available Over-the-Air channel might allow all of its content to be used freely, while a premium sports event might be restricted to local viewing within the home, with no recording.

Pricing and Availability

Monsoon’s Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution is availability immediately for licensing or bundled with Vulkano devices. Contact for pricing information.