Thomson Video Networks, Netgem Offer Optimized Platform for IPTV and OTT

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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RENNES, France — Thomson Video Networks and Netgem (Paris: NTG FP 7537; ETGM) have announced a partnership to offer broadcasters and telcos a best-of-breed platform for IPTV and OTT services. The two companies have completed a test and validation program for the interoperability of the Thomson ViBE VS7000 convergent video system and the Netgem N5000 and N8000 range of IPTV set-top boxes.

“The Netgem and Thomson Video Networks infrastructure allows operators to launch IPTV and OTT services efficiently and rapidly, and deliver a state-of-the-art viewing experience to subscribers,” said Yann Courqueux, CMO of Netgem. “We strongly believe that IPTV and OTT allow affordable solutions for service providers looking to offer a seamless blend of broadcast, broadband, and optimized Web content within a unified TV experience.”

The Thomson ViBE VS7000 convergent video system offers outstanding video quality at a range of bit rates using adaptive bit rate encoding technology to stream to all viewing devices, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Netgem’s OTT set-top boxes complement the range of devices by offering an uncompromised quality of experience on large TV displays.

Streaming high-quality OTT content to large displays is becoming more important for operators as OTT technology matures. While part of the market demand will always be for viewing anywhere on smartphones and tablets, it is important for service operators to offer the complementary experience of large-screen viewing for premium long-form content.

“Netgem’s technology provides a quality of experience for OTT services on TV that matches what viewers expect from satellite, cable, or terrestrial TV networks,” said Eric Gallier, vice president of marketing at Thomson Video Networks. “The industry-leading capabilities and compression quality of Thomson’s VS7000, together with Netgem’s technology and innovation in the field of user experience, add up to a powerful package for content owners who want to give their subscribers the best.”

The ViBE VS7000 video system encompasses Thomson’s renowned next-generation compression platform for outstanding picture quality in an all-IP environment, with live, broadcast-quality encoding and faster-than-real-time file transcoding. Optimized for versatility and easy operation, the ViBE VS7000 provides a flexible way to customize workflow to meet the needs of every application. A simple but powerful Workflow Builder enables the creation of live, file-based, and mixed workflows for any kind of network through a clear graphical interface.

Supporting all major formats and codecs, including MPEG transport streams, Adobe® Flash®, Apple® HTTP live streaming, and Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, and with video resolution up to 1920×1080 in progressive and interlaced modes, the ViBE VS7000 is a fully featured solution for convergent applications.

The N5000 Netbox is an Internet/TV adapter designed to offer service operators the best value for their money. As a basic or hybrid IPTV client, it is cost-effective and easy to integrate. As an OTT set-top box, it enables operators to reach outside their traditional footprint using progressive download and adaptive streaming technologies. As a secondary box, it opens access to remote PVR content. Building on the NetgemTV open software platform, it is preloaded with a range of popular Web applications beyond the standard set of services. These include versions of YouTube™, Facebook, and Flickr, all of which have been redesigned to best suit the TV experience.

The N8000 Netbox is a hybrid set-top box and media center. It is delivered with Netgem award-winning IPTV middleware NetgemTV. It comprises a double tuner, hard disk drive, UPnP media center HD, and home network connectivity such as Wi-Fi 802.11n. The N8000 series enriches the broadcast TV experience with the power of the Internet, seamlessly blending content and services from broadcast channels, IPTV platforms, websites, and home network devices in a fast and fluid interface.