HickoryTech Deploys CloverLeaf's TV App Store & Apps

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

HickoryTech launches CloverLeaf Digital’s AppDaily TV apps solution to IPTV Subscribers

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — CloverLeaf Digital LLC, a leading independent provider of interactive television applications and services, today announced that HickoryTech (NASDAQ: HTCO) has launched CloverLeaf’s AppDaily TV apps solution. CloverLeaf’s AppDaily includes an app store, a personalized quick-access dashboard, a full suite of over 40 localized news and information apps, and CloverLeaf’s DashDaily community publishing apps.

With AppDaily, providers of IPTV and other managed television services have an easy-to-launch comprehensive solution for offering a complete app solution to their video subscribers. AppDaily is available on major television platforms, and reflects CloverLeaf Digital’s continuing commitment to providing independent service providers with the interactive services they need to compete in a changing market.

“We have been looking for an apps solution for our IPTV subscribers,” said Troy Johnson, vice president of engineering and network operations at HickoryTech. “CloverLeaf’s AppDaily apps and app store work well on our middleware platform and was easy for our organization to launch. We look forward to launching more apps with CloverLeaf which provide more value to our broadband customers.”

“Consumers clearly love apps and app stores on smartphones and tablets, and are starting to look for an app experience on TVs as well,” CloverLeaf’s Managing Partner Lawrence Brickman said. “We are very pleased that HickoryTech launched our AppDaily solution to their IPTV customers. AppDaily helps service providers like HickoryTech position themselves at the forefront of technology to win and keep customers.”