CloverLeaf and Minerva Deliver IPTV Interactivity to Independent Telephone Companies

Monday, June 29th, 2009
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CloverLeaf’s Interactive Television Services Launched on Minerva iTVManager Middleware by Two Independent Telcos

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — CloverLeaf Digital LLC, a leading provider of interactive television applications and services, and Minerva Networks, a leading provider of IPTV middleware announced today that Pineland Telephone Cooperative in Georgia and WT Services in Texas have launched CloverLeaf’s interactive television services on IPTV systems supported on Minerva iTVManager middleware.

CloverLeaf’s interactive IPTV services, which are delivered to the television and navigated with a remote control, include DotDaily, a localized news & information TV service (often known as a walled garden) providing national and local content on demand to IPTV subscribers, and Funspot, a suite of casual arcade, casino and puzzle games.

Minerva’s iTVManager is a comprehensive software platform for the delivery of next-generation IP-connected television services, including high-definition television (HDTV), personal video recording (PVR), whole-home digital video recording (WHDVR), pay-per-view (PPV) and video-on-demand (VOD). The Minerva platform also offers a robust set of APIs that enable third-party developers to integrate and deploy the latest communications and entertainment applications.

“We are committed to delivering valuable services to our customers,” said Allen Hyer, Network Engineer at WT Services. “With CloverLeaf’s DotDaily we are able to provide a compelling interactive service that they can’t get from cable or satellite.”

“CloverLeaf’s interactive localized news and information service has proven to be extremely popular with our video subscribers,” said J Franklin, Pineland Telephone Cooperative’s Operations Manager. “We are now able to offer local content to all of our IPTV subscribers – even those in the smallest communities.”

“Two-way interactive services are the easiest and least expensive way for service providers such as WT Services and Pineland to start to truly deliver on the promise of IPTV,” said Lawrence Brickman, CloverLeaf’s Managing Partner. “We are pleased to be able to leverage Minerva’s technology to be able to dynamically localize DotDaily for all 41 of the communities to which Pineland delivers IPTV services.”

“Minerva is committed to supporting third-party applications that add value to the IPTV offering,” said Benoit Boningue, Product Manager at Minerva Networks. “We look forward to working with CloverLeaf to offer increasingly advanced interactive services to our mutual customers.”