Netgem selected by Netia in Poland for its IPTV offering

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
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Netgem selected as technology provider by Netia for its hybrid IPTV offering in Poland

NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE — Netgem (Paris: NTG FP 7537; ETGM), a leader in connected home technologies and solutions, announced that Netia SA (WSE: NET) will today start rolling out its new TV service based on Netgem’s technologies in Poland, a telecom market that was previously operated as a monopoly and has just opened to competition.

In Poland, mobile penetration is higher than 120% and value added services are growing at a high double digit rate. Netia has built its strategy on developing its user base of fixed broadband households and has now become the most significant competitor to the incumbent operator.

Netia is bundling subscriptions offering high-speed broadband access with unlimited calls and now, using Netgem services, the Polish operator will launch the third component of its triple play offering. This new television service launches ahead of the UEFA European Football Champions League which comes to Poland next year and should provide an additional incentive for Netia’s customers to sign up to its multi-screen television services.

Within the terms of this agreement, Netgem will provide Netia with its middleware and hybrid DTT/Internet Set-top boxes. Thanks to Netgem technologies, Netia’s subscribers will have access to a complete and attractive TV package, based on state of the art solutions that blend managed services, with over-the-top web technologies and premium broadcast content. Netgem’s fast and very intuitive middleware User Interface, together with the delivery of an innovative remote application for connected home devices, such as smartphones and tablets, will offer Netia’s subscribers a comprehensive TV experience. In addition end-users will have rapid and easy access from the Home menu to their favourite HBO TV series and premium movies, when they subscribe to the HBO internet streaming service, HBO GO.

Christophe Aulnette, Netgem’s CEO, commented: “We are delighted to cooperate with Netia, which is a very ambitious and driven player in this fast growing Polish market. This deployment demonstrates how our commercial partners are able to deliver breakthrough customer experiences, that offer the best of broadcast and broadband, by using our off-the shelf hybrid technologies.”