eyeSight Presents Gesture Recognition and Hand-Tracking Technology Tailored to Set-Top-Boxes

Friday, January 6th, 2012

eyeSight Mobile Technologies launches its newly available software solution for Set-Top-Boxes which allows OEMs and service providers to easily integrate eyeSight’s touch free technology into their devices

HERTZLIYA, Israel — eyeSight Mobile Technologies, a developer of touch free interfaces for consumer electronics and digital devices, has released a Gesture Recognition software-based solution designed particularly for the Set-Top-Box (STB) market.

eyeSight offers service providers and OEMs of Set-Top-Boxes, as well as STB chipset and SOC manufacturers a gesture recognition solution which can be pre-installed on the device or integrated post-market. The solution will be presented at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Association (CES) show. It can be easily embedded using eyeSight’s SDK which is available for Android, Linux, Windows as well as other operating systems.

The technology enables the use of a variety of hand gestures to control STB functions and applications; simple motions can be used to switch channels, play games, flip through photos in a gallery or videos on YouTube, and more. In addition, eyeSight’s hand tracking capabilities allow users to benefit from virtual-mouse/remote control functions such as touch free “point &click.” Set top boxes which are already camera-enabled for video conferencing solutions now offer gesture recognition technology alongside video-call capabilities, using the same, simple 2D camera.

“It is clear that in 2012, connected media consumption solutions will play a greater role in the digital living room environment,” said Gideon Shmuel, eyeSight’s CEO. “By integrating our software-only gesture recognition technology, OEMs and providers can offer end users a completely new and enhanced touchless user experience.”

eyeSight’s basic requirement is for the device to be either connected to or embedded with a standard 2D camera, thus enabling full functionality of the gesture recognition technology. A Set-Top-Box integrated with eyeSight’s technology and a simple USB-connected webcam are sufficient even for far distance touch free controls, thus eliminating any requirements from the TV device.

“The international market for Set-Top-Boxes has immense global potential. Manufacturers and providers of STBs can gain a competitive edge by offering gesture recognition capabilities within their devices,” Shmuel added.

eyeSight’s technology meets the growing market demand for new and enhanced user experiences when interacting with devices by offering touchless control of camera-enabled devices such as tablets, mobile phones, PCs, connected TVs and Set-Top-Boxes.

A recent report published by ABI Research predicts that the worldwide market for digital Set-Top-Boxes will reach some 242 million shipments by 2016.