CES2024 (International CES 2024): January 9-12, 2024: Las Vegas, NV

Amagi launches curated programmatic marketplace for FAST ads
Jan 12, 2024 – Amagi ADS PLUS has launched a feature called FAST Deals, a curated programmatic marketplace designed to simplify the advertising experience for buyers, content owners and programmatic exchanges.
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U.S. internet households averaged 17 connected devices in Q3 2023
Jan 11, 2024 – Parks Associates' has found that the average number of connected devices per U.S. internet household reached 17 in Q3 2023, and smartphone ownership surpassed TV ownership for the first time.
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Disney unveils 'Shop the Stream' ad innovation
Jan 10, 2024 – Disney has launched a beta program for its first native streaming shoppable ad format, which allows consumers to purchase their favorite items without disrupting their viewing experience.
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Telly premieres new AI capabilities at CES
Jan 9, 2024 – Telly has released a slate of announcements at CES, including previewing one of its AI innovations - Telly’s new voice assistant powered by ChatGPT.
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FreeCast debuts streaming ecosystem and monetization solution at CES
Jan 10, 2024 – FreeCast has announced a streaming experience that brings content from multiple providers into a single one-stop-shop where consumers can both easily find content and manage their subscriptions.
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iSpot.tv launches dedicated system for tracking CTV ad consumption
Jan 9, 2024 – iSpot.tv has announced the launch of a dedicated streaming measurement offering and suite of metrics that enable advertisers and publishers to track audience consumption of CTV advertising.
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Cinemo shows in-car digital media experiences at CES 2024
Jan 9, 2024 – Cinemo has announced that its advanced use cases will be showcased at CES, with visitors able to see innovation in in-car entertainment, immersive audio, video conferencing, and much more.
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iWedia and MediaTek partner on Next Gen TV for the US market
Jan 8, 2024 – iWedia and MediaTek have unveiled an integration combining MediaTek's Android system architecture with iWedia's ATSC 3.0 software components including middleware, browser and media player.
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ACCESS and MediaTek extend in-car entertainment collaboration
Jan 8, 2024 – ACCESS and MediaTek have collaborated to offer the automotive industry an integrated solution combining MediaTek chipsets with a car-centric app store and in-car entertainment platform from ACCESS.
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