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ZTE and Netgem collaborate on cloud gaming for Android TV
Sep 15, 2023 – ZTE (0763.HK/000063.SZ) has collaborated with Netgem to introduce its N9000 Android TV STB combined with Netgem's Immersive TV service to provide the ultimate cloud gaming experience.
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India Entertainment & Media industry to grow at 9.48% CAGR to 2027
Jul 17, 2023 – India's Entertainment & Media industry is expected to reach INR 6,828,903Cr (US$82.745bn) by 2027 - an 8.6% CAGR. These figures come from PwC's Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2023-2027.
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Netgem and Gamestream combine TV with cloud gaming
Jun 29, 2023 – Gamestream and Netgem have announced a proposition that will integrate gaming and TV streaming entertainment into a unified service package for telecom operators.
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Global entertainment and media industry to hit $2.8 trillion in 2027
Jun 27, 2023 – According to PwC, global entertainment & media (E&M) industry revenue rose 5.4% in 2022 to US$2.32 trillion – a sharp deceleration from the post-COVID 10.6% growth rate of 2021.
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Software and services drive U.S. consumer technology market growth
Apr 12, 2023 – The CTA has announced its first U.S. Consumer Technology Software and Services Industry Forecast showing that software and services account for 31% of the U.S. consumer technology market in 2023.
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Digital consumer services market to be worth $513bn by 2027
Apr 11, 2023 – Although smaller than established telco services, Omdia expects non-traditional markets to be worth $513bn by 2027, with the two biggest being digital gaming and online video.
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Ateme converges traditional television and gaming
Apr 6, 2023 – Ateme has launched its Virtual Lounge. The solution embeds multiple OTT players enabling the same sporting event to be viewed from different angles, bringing the streams into a gaming environment.
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Games revenue to reach $215bn by 2027 overtaking Pay TV and cinema
Mar 29, 2023 – Omdia research has revealed global consumer spend on games is set to reach $215bn by 2027. The transmedia space continues to expand as more videogame franchises make their way to the large and small screen.
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Cloud gaming platform Nware now available on Android TV
Feb 23, 2023 – Nware has announced that it is now available via Android TV, enabling users to enjoy video games without a gaming console, downloading, storage issues or the need to connect additional devices.
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