Cinemo shows in-car digital media experiences at CES 2024

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024 
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Cinemo Takes Automotive Infotainment to the Next Level with New In-car Digital Media Experiences at CES 2024

  • Cinemo reinforces its position as pioneer in multiscreen and multi-passenger digital media experiences in automotive, with in-car gaming, video conferencing, multi-zone audio, and further new use cases.

LAS VEGAS — Cinemo, a global leader and highly innovative one-stop-shop provider for fully integrated digital media products, today announces a series of new in-car infotainment innovations that build on and continue to enrich its core product offerings—taking automotive digital media experiences to the next level. Advanced multi-passenger use cases will be showcased at CES 2024 in Las Vegas from 9–12 January 2024 in the Santa Fe Suite #2922 at the Westgate Hotel.

Cinemo continues to redefine and shape the automotive digital media ecosystem, transforming the car cabin into a smart entertainment platform—bringing digital media experiences typically known from both home entertainment and work use cases into the car on both built-in screens and brought-in devices. CES visitors will see how the company remains the ultimate automotive infotainment pioneer, with innovation in in-car entertainment, immersive audio, video conferencing, and much more.

As screens increasingly become a necessity in modern software-defined vehicles, Cinemo’s unique multiscreen offering allows drivers and passengers to enjoy in-cabin gaming, audio and video on demand (VOD) content from premium content providers. Carmakers can easily provide popular music and video streaming services by relying on Cinemo’s established partner network and expertise to shorten development times, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and deliver cutting edge in-car entertainment.

Cinemo is also demonstrating the enablement of Dolby Atmos® for mainstream car models, giving more consumers the opportunity to enjoy immersive sound in their vehicles. In addition, Cinemo’s new multi-zone audio capability allows each passenger to enjoy their favorite content at the same time—with any app— even on their headphones or earphones.

Cinemo’s solution to turn video conferencing integrations into a multi-passenger experience redefines the way passengers connect to others on the move, by allowing every passenger to connect through their personal devices or the car’s built-in screens. This transforms the car into a mobile office or simply gives passengers the freedom to stay in touch with friends and family on the road.

In addition to the private Cinemo demos at Westgate, Cinemo can be experienced at CES 2024 at several live partner presentations over the four-day event:

BlackBerry IVY — [West Hall at Booth #4224]: BlackBerry will feature a show car with live demonstrations of its BlackBerry IVY® platform that delivers truly personalized content product offering, which, powered by Cinemo, provides content recommendations for a driver and passengers using age, occupancy monitoring, driver identification.

Robert Bosch GmbH — [Central Hall at Booth #17207]: Robert Bosch GmbH will be showcasing CARS™ Premium Audio, CARS™ Online Video, CARS™ Projection, the full portfolio of Cinemo based on Android Automotive OS, in a special Bosch demonstration vehicle created for CES.

Dolby – Dolby will showcase production cars with immersive Dolby Atmos audio, which is supported by Cinemo’s CARS Premium Audio.

MOBIS – [West Hall at Booth #5216]: Based on Cinemo’s powerful CORE solutions, MOBIS will be showcasing an Android Application enabling passengers to distribute video playback from the head unit to built-in screens and brought-in devices.

P3 – [West Hall at Booth #6474]: P3’s infotainment system SPARQ OS, powered by an array of Cinemo CARS™ products, will show new use cases for passenger entertainment while charging and driving, which will be available in different automotive hardware platforms.

TomTom — [West Hall at Booth #W311 & #W312]: The company will be showing its Cinemo-enhanced TomTom Digital Cockpit offering—which features Cinemo CARS™ multiscreen and video technology seamlessly integrated with Android Automotive OS transforming car rides into a new realm of fun and enjoyment.

“Entertainment is fast becoming integral to the entire car experience,” says Richard Lesser, CEO of Cinemo. “CES 2024 will show conclusively how more and more content providers and OEMs are getting on board with our own mission of transforming the car cockpit into a unique and highly desirable digital destination.”

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