Cinemo shows digital media experiences in the vehicle and cloud

Thursday, January 5th, 2023 
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Cinemo Galvanizes On-the-move Infotainment at CES 2023

  • Infotainment transitions beyond the vehicle as Cinemo makes every screen an opportunity to create the definitive connected media experience

LAS VEGAS — Cinemo, a global leader in high-performance and automotive-grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management, connectivity, and cloud middleware, will be presenting the latest innovations for its all-encompassing infotainment solutions at CES 2023.

Cinemo’s reoccurring theme at CES is creating digital media experiences in the vehicle and cloud. As Cinemo becomes a prime enabler in placing media control firmly with the user, all passengers can be in the media driving seat.

Make every screen an opportunity

At CES 2023, Cinemo presents its embedded, application- and cloud-based solutions that meet any implementation requirement, for any industry that wants to create great media experiences on any screen:

  • Cinemo CORE™ with a hyper-accelerated browser engine, online content provider support for any OS and SoC, and multi-seat streaming.
  • Cinemo CARS™, boosting Android Automotive OS with multi-screen, premium VoD, immersive audio, and the latest innovation concepts.
  • Cinemo Air™ Infotainment, the latest, award-winning addition to the Cinemo portfolio, allowing you to take your infotainment system with you wherever you go.

Partnerships driving the ultimate passenger experience

The new partnership between Telechips and Cinemo is enhancing the availability of premium infotainment features, enabling in-car premium VoD as well as multi-screen-usage for the next generation of entry- to mid-level cars. This opens exciting new opportunities for OEMs to bring premium features to high-volume car models. Using the Cinemo Companion App, the multi-seat in-car entertainment experience can even be extended from built-in screens to brought-in devices such as tablets and smartphones. “We are happy to enable premium infotainment on Dolphin SoC,” said Jangkyu Lee, CEO, from Telechips. “Together with Cinemo, we shape the future of in-car digital media experiences, enabling more and more carmakers to provide premium in-vehicle-infotainment based on our SoCs.”

“We are very excited to be at the CES again to show the evolutions that have made Cinemo so unique,” said Richard Lesser, CEO of Cinemo. “It’s extremely rewarding to meet our valued partners and customers as we continue to work together building products that make a difference”.

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