launches dedicated system for tracking CTV ad consumption

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024 logo Unveils New Streaming Metrics to Bring Reliability, Standardization to Complex CTV Marketplace

  • New Audience and Ad Measurement Enhancements Pave the Way for Modern Cross-Platform Currencies, Better Outcomes
  • Limited Release of First-Ever Streaming Competitive Capability Shines Light on Media Weight Across Key Industries

LAS VEGAS — CES — TV measurement company today announced it is building on its market-leading Unified Measurement platform with the launch of a dedicated Streaming Measurement offering and new suite of metrics that empower hundreds of advertisers and publishers with a fast, reliable, independent system for tracking audience consumption of CTV advertising, at scale.

The new streaming measurement capabilities come on ahead of a forthcoming iSpot 2023 Transparency Report, which identified 35,225 distinct brands and over 647K unique creatives that appeared on TV in the calendar year across broadcast, cable and streaming. The diversity of channels and sources brands are using to reach viewers underlines the complex challenges advertisers face in obtaining a complete view of TV ad exposure and impact.

“As the market moves towards streaming and increased fragmentation grows, brands need accuracy, consistency, scale and transparency to manage media investments,” said Sean Muller, CEO and Founder, iSpot. “The addition of these new metrics provides a foundation for new currencies and the insights to help drive efficiency and return on investment for both sides of a transaction.”.

The launch of iSpot Streaming Measurement suite builds on the iSpot Unified Measurement Platform, which marketers and publishers have come to rely on as the source of truth for measuring reach and frequency for cross-platform TV ad campaigns. Unified Measurement brings together all airings on linear TV and activity from over 400 streaming platforms in one powerful dashboard. Showing de-duplicated reach and frequency measurement covering households, all traditional person-level demo segments and advanced audiences, Unified Measurement allows the industry to quickly see the incremental audiences reached by publisher and over linear.

iSpot Streaming Measurement extends Unified Measurement’s capabilities by providing a streaming-first cross-platform view. The new metrics include:

On-Target Delivery: The percentage of total impressions that hit the intended audience target are provided with the ability to adjust time scales so brands can gain full visibility into when ads reach intended audiences.

Deduplicated, Unique Audience Identification: Provides the percentage of audience exposed to advertising in streaming that was not reached on linear. Metrics show insights on a per-creative, campaign and brand basis. This deduplication at scale enables brands to prevent waste and creative wear and provides insight on where to invest to reach audiences for desired outcomes.

Transparent, Consistent Co-Viewing: Provides the total number of people in front of the TV, on average, for any given ad impression. This represents the first co-viewing metric that’s measured consistently for linear and every streaming publisher. This metric is an exclusive iSpot metric that comes from the TVision panel and was part of iSpot’s investment in TVision.

CTV Verification: Provides on-screen verification that ads are delivered to TVs. The metrics provide a way to quantify and rectify the waste and misappropriation created by the technological problem of continuous play, when ads are served to TV devices while TVs screens are turned off or tuned to a different input.

Introducing the Industry’s First Streaming Competitive Dashboard: These key streaming metrics are punctuated by the limited release of the industry’s first-ever Streaming Competitive dashboard, which leverages proprietary technologies to track and catalog where advertising appears within streaming services across a pool of more than 900 publishers and services.

The new metrics, recently unveiled and made available initially to the iSpot Customer Advisory Board, provide a view into the investment weight on any given publisher as compared to other advertisers in the category. Also included is an Industry Share of Voice (SOV) metric that estimates the percentage of impressions for the entire industry that are bought by a given advertiser.

The capability is the first offering from iSpot that leverages an exclusive license using TVision Insights technologies, which was acquired during an investment round in 2022.

Taken together, the streaming-first metrics represent a new big data foundation upon which new currencies can be utilized, and they pave the way for integrations with brands to measure outcomes with unified, cross-platform measurement offerings.