Broadcast Multimedia Mobile project receives French government funding

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
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TDF explores innovative solutions for broadcasting digital content with the support of the French Government’s Digital Fund

MONTROUGE — As part of the of its loan program to sustain innovation and growth initiatives (“Grand Emprunt“), the French government has just confirmed a grant to a consortium of 8 partners (Airweb, Archos, Cognacq-Jay Image, DiBcom, Expway, Immanens and Institut Telecom) led by TDF, to fund part (30%) of the development of the B2M (Broadcast Multimedia Mobile) project. The aim of this ambitious project is to offer to operators and media publishers an innovative solution to deliver digital content to mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) through a broadcast network in a very cost effective manner. It will make it possible to respond to the very fast growing public demand for digital content on the go.

Project launch

The main innovation of this project lies in the broadcasting, in real-life conditions, of rich and varied multimedia digital content (newspapers, podcasts, catch-up TV or video on demand etc.) to mobile devices via a broadcast, non-unicast channel.

This project aims to respond to the growing needs of the market for distribution of mobile content; it will help to address the challenge of providing data in the best possible circumstances in terms of cost, quality and speed.

This exploratory phase, funded by the “Grand Emprunt”, is dedicated to developing a prototype that will be available during the second half of 2012, and will be followed by other stages before marketing the services developed.

During this initial phase, TDF will approach suppliers who provide content, distributors and telecom operators.

The future implementation of these innovative solutions will sustain pluralism and dynamism of media and cultural creation.

The partners

The TDF Group has brought together seven French industrial partners, all of whom are renowned for their innovation, as well as Institut Télécom, a leading academic institution. This choice was based on the indisputable status and reputation of each partner in their respective fields and in the broader world of digital media.