TELUS launches Optik TV for Xbox 360 and Optik on the go for mobile clients

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
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Two new innovations from TELUS – Optik TV for Xbox 360 and Optik on the go for mobile clients

VANCOUVER — TELUS today announced two new innovations that will continue to transform the way customers enjoy Optik TV.

“At TELUS, we’re listening to our customers and introducing more fun, flexibility and mobility to their Optik TV experience,” said Joe Natale, Chief Commercial Officer, TELUS. “Optik TV for Xbox 360 and Optik on the go are two more examples of fun and innovative services that make it clear Optik TV is not your average TV service. It’s exciting for us at TELUS to bring this kind of innovation to life for our customers. Stay tuned, we are committed to bringing a steady stream of cool, leading edge ideas to Optik TV.”

With Optik TV for Xbox 360, you are the remote control

TELUS Optik TV is the first service in the world to offer customers the ability to control both live and recorded TV using hand gestures and voice commands. This means Optik TV customers can change channels up or down, mute or unmute the volume, and pause, replay, and fast forward without the remote control.

With Optik TV, TELUS customers can use their Xbox 360 as their digital television box. Now, with the addition of an Xbox 360 Kinect sensor, users can employ a range of voice commands and hand gestures to control their television.

Watch whenever you want, wherever you want, with Optik on the go

TELUS’ second innovation is called Optik on the go, which allows Optik TV customers to view a selection of commercial free TV On Demand shows and movies on their mobile devices*, tablets and laptops – at home, in coffee shops, airports, and on the move. TELUS customers will also be able to experience the service on TELUS’ soon-to-be-launched, blazing fast 4G LTE wireless network.

Optik on the go allows users to start, pause, rewind and fast forward their shows just like they do at home.

The service is available to Optik TV customers in British Columbia and Alberta. In addition, subscribers can access and enjoy the application anywhere they can access the Internet, offering a great entertainment option for travelers. Optik on the go offers TV On Demand shows and movies from Super Channel, Hollywood Suite, Family Channel, Disney XD, Disney Jr, and Baby TV in English, French and Mandarin. The content library will continue to grow throughout 2012 and beyond as new shows and movies will be added constantly.

Optik on the go is a free application. There is no additional charge for Optik TV customers to watch select TV On Demand shows and movies from channels they already subscribe to. Tablet and smartphone users can enjoy the service without incurring data charges by using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. When connecting via a mobile network, data usage charges would apply.

To learn more about Optik on the go, visit Download the free Optik on the go application to an Android or Apple Smartphone or Tablet or access the online application at

* Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch can access Optik TV programming over Wi-Fi only.