Time Warner Cable Selects SecureMedia® by Motorola Medios for Secure Multi-Screen Content Delivery

Friday, May 18th, 2012
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Award-winning SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE™ HLS+ to secure Hollywood and Broadcast Network content, over a variety of devices and screens, for millions of subscribers

HORSHAM, Pa. — Finally, entertainment–everywhere. The future of TV delivered securely…today. Time Warner Cable’s (NYSE: TWC) subscribers will be able to enjoy their favorite Hollywood and Broadcast Network entertainment on their device of choice–thanks to SecureMedia from Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI).

SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE™ HLS+ is the award-winning security component of Motorola’s Medios suite of content-delivery innovations for today’s multi-screen ecosystem. The solution is a single content distribution platform based on the HLS adaptive streaming protocol that enables operators to securely deliver linear and on-demand content to a wide range of devices – including smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and connected TVs and Blu-Ray players.

Time Warner Cable selected the SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+ solution to streamline its video distribution across a variety of devices and avoid the cost and complication of operating multiple streaming platforms and security systems to reach multiple device types.

“Our consumers are watching more media on more screens. As a leading operator in delivering multi-screen experiences, we’re invested in making that experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible,” said Mike Hayashi, Executive Vice President, Architecture, Development & Engineering at Time Warner Cable. “We chose Motorola because it’s the leader in content security. We selected SecureMedia because it streamlines the way we distribute secure video to multiple devices, ensuring that our millions of subscribers can view all of the premium content they want, on the devices they want, while protecting studios’ rights.”

Service providers face a distinct challenge with multi-screen content delivery in an increasingly fragmented device world: securing content specifically for each and every device to which that content will be delivered. SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE™ HLS+ solves that scalability issue with a standards-based solution that consolidates content preparation and encryption onto a single platform, so that service providers only have to encode and encrypt it once–for delivery to multiple devices.

“Time Warner Cable’s choice to use SecureMedia’s secure multi-screen content delivery solution across the board not only represents consumers’ growing appetite for entertainment everywhere experiences, but also the importance that service providers are putting on operational efficiencies and reduced expenses to deliver that secure content,” said John Burke, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Experiences at Motorola Mobility. “With SecureMedia, Time Warner Cable has peace of mind knowing that it is using time-tested software that’s approved by all of the Hollywood studios and network broadcasters and that will deliver a high-quality viewing experience for its national base of customers.”

Motorola SecureMedia will be demonstrating the Encryptonite ONE™ HLS+ multi-screen content delivery solution, at The Cable Show in Boston later this month (Booth #733, May 21-23).