Sigma Designs Launches Processor for Intelligent Media Devices

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
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SMP8672 Delivers an Optimal Combination of Advanced Performance, Lower Power, and Smaller Footprint

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM), a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for home entertainment, connectivity and control, today announced the introduction of its SMP8672 media processor, a new platform delivering advanced features and lower power for connected media players, IPTV and hybrid Set-Top Boxes (STBs). With a smaller footprint and low power requirements, the SMP8672 delivers critical features for today’s mainstream systems including 3D video and graphics processing, customizable user interfaces and high-performance Over-the-Top (OTT) content streaming.

“The SMP8672 provides the level of performance that OEMs need for building today’s 3D-enabled media devices and IPTV hybrid systems. Featuring a high performance CPU, deep L2 cache, and powerful 3D accelerator, the SMP8672 significantly boosts HTML5 and JavaScript benchmarks that reflect the expected user experience with a growing list of OTT applications,” said Waheed Rasheed, Sigma Designs’ vice president of product marketing. “Furthermore, with its small footprint and low power profile, the SMP8672 can be designed into the most aggressively sized packages while still delivering full performance.”

The SMP8672 product series also migrates to Sigma’s latest Software Development Kit (SDK) which offers an intuitive new porting layer called SAPI (Simple API) for realizing fast time-to-market porting of Hybrid STB middleware. The new SDK improves developer productivity with a range of reference implementations for OTT applications like Netflix and VUDU along with proprietary application frameworks for developing Webkit-HTML5 applications or Adobe Air applications. The SMP8672 also fully supports the XBMC middleware, which is available royalty free as a turnkey release. The XBMC middleware along with additional OTT plug-ins can enable a custom high-end media jukebox experience. In addition, there is full support for the OpenGL-ES 2.0 to enable new 3D user interface capabilities as well as future applications with WebGL.

SMP8672 will be available mid-July.