Logic to launch IPTV in the Cayman Islands

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

GEORGETOWN, Cayman Islands — Today Logic Communications announced its plans to launch Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) delivered over a purpose built fibre optic network.

“Logic will launch IPTV in Cayman in direct competition with traditional Cable TV and DVD operations. Unlike the preceding, IPTV subscribers will be able to choose the programme they wish to watch and when they want to watch them – all without leaving their living rooms” said Logic CEO Mike Edenholm. “With the addition of IPTV we will be offering our customers a triple play; IPTV, high speed Internet and digital home phone services; all on one monthly bill.”

Logic will deploy the new television services with industry-leading technology, offering better features for Logic customers, including stunning picture quality, consistently reliable delivery, exciting new channels, premium programming, multi-room DVR capabilities, video on demand, and expanded HD channel lineup.

“Logic continues to develop its existing high speed bandwidth options for fibre to the home customers, offering the highest upload/download speeds in the Cayman Islands. To support the introduction of the expanded service offering, Logic will open a new, larger and improved Customer Care Centre at Governors Square. The new location will offer enhanced customer support services, payment and retail facilities” said Mr. Edenholm CEO Logic.

The launch date for new services is slated for 4th quarter 2012.