ViXS powers Sony 'Nasne' Networked Recorder And Media Storage Device

Thursday, August 30th, 2012
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The ViXS™ XCode® 4210 network media processor and dual HD transcoder delivers unprecedented performance, feature set and integration making it the ideal choice to power Sony’s newest PlayStation® PS3® Media Platform

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc. today announces that the XCode 4210 powers Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Tokyo: 6758; NYSE: SNE) PS3 networked recorder and media storage device called “Nasne™”. The XCode 4210 is a network media processor and transcoding single chip System on Chip (SoC). The Sony Nasne is the first product of its kind and a central addition to Sony’s strategy for the connected home. Nasne provides multiple users with the ability to watch and record digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast through dedicated applications such as “torne” for PlayStation3 (PS3 and “VAIO TV”. Users will also be able to access recorded content from their PlayStationVita (PS Vita), Sony Tablet, VAIO PCs, Xperia™ TVs or any other Digital Living Network Alliance DLNA Certified® TV, SmartPhone, Tablet or PC and stream this throughout the home.

Nasne represents the first step in Sony’s newly harmonized media business strategy. A PS3-lookalike Nasne is encased in a slick enclosure housing a 500 GB hard disk drive for external program recording and storage. Taking full advantage of ViXS’ dual HD transcoding capabilities on the XCode 4210, the Sony Nasne has the capability to concurrently stream stored video to two devices. With the first product launch in Japan the Sony Nasne also comes integrated with “G GUIDE TV OUKOKU CHAN-TORU,” a Japanese program guide service, which will enable scheduled recordings to be set remotely from Sony hardware.

Interfaces to Nasne include gigabit Ethernet, antenna input and output, a B-CAS card slot for security decryption, and a USB port for hooking up external drives to augment its internal hard disk drive capacity. Multiple Nasne units can also be supported by various Sony devices so as to boost the number of simultaneous recordings: the PS3 can handle up to four, with the “torne” app, while VAIO PCs for example could manage up to eight using the free “VAIO TV with Nasne” app.

“Since the launch of XCode 4210 in 2010 ViXS has remained at the forefront of the media processing technology curve” said Sally Daub. President and CEO, ViXS Systems Inc. “The XCode 4210 has continued to exceed industry expectations with its ground-breaking technical performance, level of integration and power efficient design. ViXS is delighted to be playing such a significant part in Sony’s latest connected home experience”.

The XCode 4210 single chip in the Sony Nasne products controls the following features:

  • Decode and display via HD satellite and terrestrial CAS-encrypted broadcasts
  • Display HDMI out
  • Ethernet networking
  • Internet codec transcoding
  • Advanced dual audio and video HD Transcoding
  • Streaming n-screen support
  • Rich 2D and 3D graphics user interface
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) for content protection
  • Software stacks to support DLNA Certified®
  • System design within 4W power consumption budget