ViXS partners with Geniatech on OEM-ready dual tuner OTA streamer

Thursday, January 5th, 2017
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ViXS Partners with Geniatech on New OEM-Ready Dual Tuner OTA Streaming Product at CES 2017

  • CordCutter TV Dual product enables OEMs to deliver their own differentiated, cost effective dual streaming solution providing free OTA HDTV content to a variety of devices

TORONTO, ON — ViXS Systems Inc. (“ViXS” or the “Company”) (TSX: VXS), a pioneer and leader in media processing solutions, has partnered with Geniatech on a white label OEM ready Over-the-Air (OTA) dual tuner streaming product, CordCutter TV Dual to be demonstrated at CES 2017. By working closely with Geniatech on the development which is based on the recently announced XCode 5516, this CordCutter TV Dual product is now available for ordering as a white labeled solution for OEMs looking for a multi-client OTA streaming product allowing consumers to view free HDTV OTA content on a variety of mobile and home video devices.

Geniatech, a leading product and technology provider for free-to-air TV, has designed a cost effective dual tuner OTA streaming product using the XCode 5516 with its built-in real-time hardware dual transcoding which is critical for delivering high quality OTA video services. The CordCutter TV Dual product includes a sleek small form factor enclosure with a standard RF connector, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, micro SD card and external USB connectors for external storage options.

“Geniatech continues to extend its family of OTA streaming products based on the ViXS line of OTA SoCs, initially starting with the ViXS XCode 5505 single stream SoC and now using the latest offering XCode 5516,” said Mr. Fang, CEO of Geniatech. “As the OTA streaming market continues to expand, Geniatech is establishing itself as the leader in providing cost effective, sleek looking white labeled OTA streaming solutions allowing OEMs to penetrate this exponentially growing market quickly and easily.”

The CordCutter TV Dual white label solution comes with the following features:

  • Dual tuner support for ATSC OTA reception
  • Support for Ethernet and Wi-Fi streaming to video devices
  • Mirco SD Card and USB connectors for external storage
  • Built-in dual hardware HD to HD real-time transcoding
  • Advanced real-time OTA streaming server
  • Client application support for a variety of devices including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, AppleTV, Chromecast, PCs and Macs as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Simple channel listing for easy selection
  • Low power / small form factor design

“This newest Dual OTA streaming product has extended the leadership that both Geniatech and ViXS have established in the OTA streaming market,” said Anselmo Pilla, Senior Director of Marketing, ViXS Systems Inc. “Having Geniatech as our manufacturing partner has made it possible to provide a white label OEM ready product that will set the stage to catapult the OTA streaming market to another level.”

The CordCutter TV Dual product is available for orders now with samples available in Q1 2017 and production in Q2 2017.

ViXS will be showcasing all of its OTA streaming solutions at CES 2017, January 5th to 8th in the ViXS booth MP26056, in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), South Hall 2, Lower Level.

Geniatech will have a booth at CES 2017 in the LVCC South Hall 4 (Upper) – 36164.