Cablecom Mexico Selects Irdeto to Secure New Digital 3.0 Service

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
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Cablecom chooses Irdeto Conditional Access System to protect Digital 3.0 and deliver high-definition content to Mexican consumers

MEXICO CITY — NexTV Summit — Irdeto (JSE: NPN), a world leader in content security, management and delivery, today announced that Cablecom, a leading pay TV operator based in Mexico City, has selected the Irdeto Conditional Access System (CAS) to help build its new Digital 3.0 pay TV service. Irdeto CAS, built on the foundation of renewable security and proven to deliver the best return on investment to operators worldwide, enables Cablecom to securely and cost-effectively offer the best TV programs and movies on a wide variety of business models. Cablecom’s new Digital 3.0 service provides digital and full high-definition (HD) signal, the possibility of connecting to multiple devices, 200 audio and video channels with greater image and sound quality as well as pay-per-view and other premium content. Cablecom’s strategy is currently focused on providing world class services to subscribers, and by leveraging Irdeto CAS, Cablecom has the flexibility to freely experiment with new digital services without compromising its premium assets.

“Irdeto CAS is extremely important to Cablecom and our Digital 3.0 service as we make the transition into a new technology platform to deliver high quality services to our customers,” said Marcelo Saccaggio, COO, Cablecom. “We have invested over US$80 million and we made a strategic decision to work with Irdeto because we recognize the importance of protecting our content from digital piracy. Irdeto’s vision and the flexibility of its solutions will take us into the future and enable us to execute on our strategy. Cablecom is committed to providing subscribers with the most cutting-edge services and high-value content, and with the help of Irdeto CAS, we are now able to securely offer that content in digital and HD quality.”

Piracy rates in Mexico are rated among the top ten worst in the world, with the country being placed on the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) Watch List. The IIPA Watch List documents increasingly devastating online and physical piracy of copyrighted works in numerous countries throughout the world. Given the overarching issue of piracy in Mexico, Cablecom took proactive measures to fully address content protection as it looked to improve and expand its services. By deploying Irdeto CAS, Cablecom is able to satisfy both the content owners’ demands for reliable security solutions and its subscriber’s desire for premium content on multiple devices.

Giovani Henrique, Country Manager, Latin America and The Caribbean, Irdeto, said: “Consumers no longer accept anything but the best when it comes to their pay TV experience. Cablecom understands the importance of offering premium content and services to reduce churn and attract new subscribers in a competitive market. Irdeto CAS is the backend technology and support needed to provide more services, payment options and device support – which equates to choice and flexibility for consumers.”

Irdeto CAS provides the most stringent content security for TV broadcasters. From content creation to middleware integration to distribution, Irdeto technology goes beyond protecting digital assets and provides platforms that will enable Cablecom to deliver a more engaging user experience across multiple devices. Digital 3.0 service is currently available in the states of San Luis Potosi,, Querétaro, Tlaxcala, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Zacatecas, Veracruz, Tabasco, Guanajuato and Campeche.