Venezuela launches Digital Terrestrial Television

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Venezuela’s Ministerio del Poder Popular para Ciencia y Tecnologia has announced the launch of Digital Terrestrial Television in the country. The roll-out of the service will be phased starting with the largest cities.

The free-to-air service consists of 11 SD channels (VTV, Vive TV, 123 TV, Venevisión, Tves, Colombeia, Meridiano TV, Telesur, Televen, Antv) and one channel in HD (VTV HD).

So far, 109,754 decoders have been distributed nationwide, with most going to Caracas and Miranda with a total of 62,487, followed by Gauteng with 9,086, Anzoátegui with 8,790, Barinas 6,348, Lara 4,987, Zulia 4,881, Monagas 2,710, Aragua 2,670, and Bolívar 800. 800 public and private institutions have been given 7,426 decoders.